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Digital marketing tips for lawyers

More and more law firms are placing themselves at the forefront of the digital advertising competition to achieve their online goal — to be on the first page of search results! These winning firms have one common strategy, and their success is far from coincidental; it is forecasted!  They [...]

Explore 2023s top attorney advertising trends and insights in this dynamic, professional banner.

Think legal ads all look the same? They don’t have to! Let’s review the best attorney ads of 2022-2023 and analyze just what makes them so successful. Legal ads don't have to be dry and boring; they can be imaginative, witty, and even emotional.  In this blog post, we'll take a look at so[...]

Cover slide image of a gavel depicting the evolution of legal advertising.

Uncover the secrets behind the evolution of legal advertising and discover how your law firm can harness the power of historical insights to craft a cutting-edge marketing strategy that dominates the digital age today.  Imagine a world before billboards, social media, and even newspapers—a tim[...]

Digital banner showing roi maximization from paid ads in the legal sector.

An effective marketing strategy needs to be based on both long-term and short-term goals and actions. Paid advertising, or Here’s a shocking statistic:  That means that if you’re not using paid search as part of your law firm marketing strategy, you’re missing out on potential clien[...]

Guide to optimizing ad spend under googles new destination policy.

Maximize Your Ad Spend With Google’s New Destination Requirements Policy Is your firm running ads? If yes, you’ll want to read ahead! Find out more about the new changes to Google ads and the best practices you should implement moving forward. Ever had this happen to you? You’re enjoying w[...]

Consultwebs banner: agile marketing for law firms featuring a gavel and free analysis offer.

The buzz around Agile is continuously growing. Today, even some corporate giants are switching and opting to go Agile in hopes of boosting productivity levels. Ultimately, with the goal of acquiring and retaining more clients, law firms are also starting to jump on this bandwagon.  It is said th[...]

Top 10 super bowl-worthy attorney ads featuring a judges gavel on a blue background.

We'd like to show you some of the most memorable and striking advertisements within the legal industry during 2021. Many attorney advertisements are so good that we remember them and, most importantly, the attorney responsible for them.  Now, let's pop some popcorn and watch some of the best law[...]

Guide on ios 14s effect on ads with typing hands and business icon, in muted tones.

Do any of your clients use iPhones (or any other Apple product)? The answer is most likely yes. Due to the large number of iPhone users today, you should be aware of the new iOS 14 update and how it affects your firm's marketing (because it does!) To give you a quick recap: the iOS14 update is cu[...]

Business professional on laptop with text about preparing for a cookie-less future in digital marketing.

The Third-party cookies culture is crumbling for digital marketers  Google's new privacy policies, also known as the privacy sandbox, are going through significant changes. By the end of the year 2023, Google planned to stop third-party cookies on the Chrome browser. It's not happening in 2024. Th[...]