Top 10 Best Lawyer Ads 2021 (+ Extras!) 

Top 10 super bowl-worthy attorney ads featuring a judges gavel on a blue background.

We’d like to show you some of the most memorable and striking advertisements within the legal industry during 2021. Many attorney advertisements are so good that we remember them and, most importantly, the attorney responsible for them. 

Now, let’s pop some popcorn and watch some of the best lawyer ads that are out there today. Psst…Do you love SNL? Who doesn’t, right? Stay until the end for the best surprise! 


Callahan’s Consulting Epic Mission Impossible 

Many would think that firms have to keep up with an uptight formal image to sell and come across as the best. The truth is that the best strategy is different for each firm; it’s about finding the most authentic ways of connecting with your audience. 

PS – This firm sure does have personality! Want to see more of them? Learn more? We’re cooking a surprise that’ll feature in our LAWsome podcast soon! Stay tuned, so you don’t miss out

When two worlds collide: Texas Law Hawk and Coronavirus

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it – if you haven’t seen a Texas Law Hawk commercial, you are really missing out. Allow us to introduce you to Bryan Wilson, America’s Loudest Lawyer.

It’s memorable from the get-go. It uses a lot of repetition by emphasizing the main character, who’s loud and proud: Bryan E. Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk. They sure know the power of repeating a marketing message, and they do so in a way that makes people laugh.

This time Bryan Wilson wrestled Coronavirus. Want to know who was the blatant knockoff? Find out here. 

Gomez trial attorneys show the power of understanding your client’s background

Gomez Trial Attorneys, a personal injury firm based in San Diego, CA knew how to make the most of their audience’s demographic. Their main theme throughout the video is around the community of San Diego. Since it’s based in a location where Spanish is the most common non-English language, they decided to include this important group. 

The Bull Attorneys For All Motorcycle Riders 

What makes this ad successful? In the short 30 seconds, they implemented marketing strategies similar to those of infomercials. These types of ads have always been successful because of their secret ingredients: 

  • Client testimonials (Proof that Bull Attorneys settled a case for $375,000.)
  • Presents information in an easy-to-grasp way. 
  • Positions the attorney as the thought-leader. 
  • Promises and benefits  (Avoid “getting bucked by the insurance company” and win with them by your side.) 

Russ Brown’s  

Just like the previous ad, this ad is short, sweet and to the point. In 15 seconds they’ll tell you everything you need to know: 

  • Motorcycle law is all they do. 
  • They support the motorcycle community because they are riders themselves. 
  • A quick CTA by placing their 1-800 number. 

Ads don’t necessarily have to be super long in order to get their message across and this is proof. 

Sam & Ash shows the power of emotional advertising 

Sam & Ash immediately come across as reliable, friendly, community-driven, and caring, which are emotionally attached values. 

They are aware that powerful ads like this bring in website traffic and besides that, they are implementing a more holistic approach that integrates digital and social media marketing campaigns. Check out their website.

Shook & Stone’s puppy love ad 

This one’s short, sweet and simple. It focuses on putting a face to their firm by immediately introducing themselves as the lawyers at Shook & Stone, a Southern Nevada Personal Injury Firm. Besides featuring some of the cutest dogs, they mention some key components in just 15 seconds: 

  • Expertise: They’ve been in business for over 25 years. 
  • Their purpose: Fighting hard for the underdogs. 
  • Proof of success: Winning more than $500,000,000 for their clients. 
  • Clear call to action with promise and actionable steps like “call X number with a “no fees unless we win” promise.

In Advertising; What’s Silly, Stays – What’s Serious, Is Static

Jokes, laughter, and the associated emotions around humor have a powerful ability to impact memory and leave impressions on audiences when artfully (and even inartfully) applied in advertising.

Here are three memorable examples of humor in attorney advertising:

Orlando attorney, John Morgan, flashes medical marijuana card instead of ID

Okay, this wasn’t an ad, but it turned out to go viral. Orlando attorney and advocate for legalizing recreational marijuana, John Morgan, got over 200,000 TikTok views in just one day. It’s provocative, hilarious and stirs up some conversations. 

In advertising comedy doesn’t have to be loud or obvious; it can be situational and character-driven like in this scenario. 

Attorney Benjamin Crump featuring as the hilarious Benjamin “Grump”

Humor is a difficult thing to get right, but that didn’t stop this firm from making use of satirical humor. The attorney, Benjamin Crump impersonates his “alter ego” Benjamin “Grump”. Instead of playing the serious attorney, they were able to create a storyline that’s pretty much comedic genius. 

Marilyn York’s Comical “Duct Tape It” Method 

Marilyn York, a divorce attorney, and men’s rights advocate has been using humor in her advertising for years, and her latest ad is no exception. Provocative, hilarious, something to stir up some conversations – if we’re talking good attorney advertising, this checks all the boxes!

And the funniest SNL Attorney Skits…drum rolls! 

Okay, this isn’t part of a Super Bowl ad or a specific law firm, but it’s SNL. What connects this skit to advertisements is that they focus on creating the most killer scripts. 

Here’s SNL’s take on attorney advertisements. 

PS – We think Aziz Ansari’s character deserves justice! What do you think?

Couldn’t get enough with that last skit? We’ve got another one for you. And while it may seem like it’s totally fake, it’s loosely based on real-life events! After running out of hairspray, a Louisiana woman coated her hair with Gorilla Glue spray. With that back story, do you think SNL did a great job at ‘suing’ the makers of Gorilla Glue? 


Whether the marketing medium is paid, organic, online, or off, law firms that choose to advertise their firms need to have strategic goals and partnerships with agencies they can trust to deliver the results they desire from their investments.

If you’d like to know more about what paid ads can do for your firm, tailor a strategy for success or ask any questions – we’re here to help you out