Bankruptcy lawyer Marketing

What Bankruptcy Firms Need to Know

The level of competition in the bankruptcy law industry is scathing, with bankruptcy attorneys facing both the many economic swings and working with clients who seek help out of the hole they feel they are stuck in.

In this day and age, bankruptcy law firms are the pillar of strength for many businesses and clients who are in need of financial restructuring due to the pandemic, and for years to come, a post-pandemic economy. This global fallout means that practically all businesses either depend on or will depend on further assistance with loan modifications and other practice areas.

We understand that as a bankruptcy law firm, your purpose is to guide the financially stressed client by negotiating settlements, representing them in court, and reorganizing or liquidating their assets. This leaves little time for other business-related activities, such as digital marketing.

Unlike other types of law practice areas, bankruptcy is not something that people want to talk about and tend to avoid searching for online. A potential client has probably exhausted all of their possible options and seeks your firm as their last option for help. At this point, they are under a lot of emotional and financial stress, making it essential that your firm comes across as one that offers understanding, privacy, availability, security, and trustworthiness.

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From your client’s point of view, they need options before taking their final decision on the legal representation they will settle on, and they take time to research. It typically takes prospects over a day of online research before deciding to call a firm, and these 24 hours are the most important for your firm to create a lasting impression on them. To be top-of-mind for your clients and stay ahead of your competitors your firm requires a proactive plan of action and expertise in the realm of digital marketing.

At Consultwebs, we understand what you need. We have a built-in marketing strategy specifically focused on law firms. With more than 20 years of experience, our company has been able to help lawyers in your field with a thorough results-driven marketing campaign. At Consultwebs, we know that each firm is in a unique position. Therefore, the digital marketing strategy for your law firm is crafted to cater specifically to your firm’s vision and mission.

Why is Bankruptcy Marketing Different?

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What makes bankruptcy law marketing different from other practice areas is your need to navigate important changes in economic patterns throughout its different cycles, as well as clients with different requirements. At Consultwebs, we recognize your firm should stay in front of clients and you must stand out as an industry leader so that when your prospects need to make a decision, you are their clear choice.

There is no standardized plan of action for all firms however, in a world of variables, there are constant factors your bankruptcy firm should consider, such as:

  • Acquiring and retaining prospects during the different stages of their customer journey. Although your prospects will be on different stages in the sales funnel, it is important your firm caters to all of them. This entails providing enough content for people looking for answers, to providing availability to people ready to book a call with you.
  • Listing your law firms with GMB (Google My Business). This is one of the most important elements for your firm’s online presence. A GMB profile can be a win-win situation if your firm optimizes it to its full potential. Since it shares location, reviews, linked social media, etc., GMB can attract quality leads to your firm.
  • Interacting on social media. Nowadays, clients branch out from websites and seek additional information on social media. This is a big opportunity to showcase different types of content and your way of interacting with prospects and clients alike. By answering questions, videos, networking, etc., you are giving your audience a taste of who you are as a firm.
  • Highlighting your firm’s personality and culture. Showcase the key differentiators between your firm and other bankruptcy firms. Since clients want to see your firm is aligned to its core identity, it’s important its personality remains consistent across all platforms and channels.
  • Gathering reviews. For bankruptcy law firms, this may be a challenge because your clients may be more inclined towards remaining as low-profile about their situations as possible. Your firm will need a specialized strategy to reach out to clients who would be willing to share their overall experience to counter this obstacle. Additionally, you will also need a strategy to handle bad reviews. They are inevitable, so it is important your firm responds and handles them in due time.
  • Focusing on long-term success. This is a collective effort across all your channels. To stay top of mind, it is important your firm places focus on a digital marketing plan that caters specifically to your firm and your clients.

The Consultwebs’ Approach to Bankruptcy Law Marketing

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Within the bankruptcy law industry, you have both consumers and businesses filing for bankruptcy in the US, and both audiences require your services equally as urgently. Having a branched-out audience like this makes it paramount for your strategy to encompass the wants and needs of both sides, which can understandably become confusing and overwhelming.

With Consultwebs by your side, your firm can formulate a plan of action that is custom-made for your firm and different prospects. Together with our marketing experts, you can set your firm up for long-term success whilst maximizing your return on investment. Although we cannot generalize a design that works for all firms, there is a loose outline of the strategy you will want to consider when building your full-fledged digital marketing strategy.