Personal Injury Marketing

How to market your Law firm to get more Personal injury clients

Unlock the full potential of your personal injury practice with the right clients – here’s how to attract and retain calls and cases. 

Did you know that studies found the market size of the personal injury industry in the US has grown an average of 4.8% per year between 2018-2023? Specifically, in 2023 the market size is expected to increase by 5%.

As a law firm, acquiring new clients and signing valuable cases is crucial for the growth and success of your business. However, the challenge lies in not only acquiring new clients but also in attracting the best and most valuable cases. 

To boost bottom-line results and the overall image of a firm, many are investing more in digital ads in their personal injury marketing

Digital marketing impact law firms

The task of acquiring new personal injury clients can be challenging, but you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. If you are in search of a new marketing vendor we can also help you out with our decision-making handbook, to guide you through this tough process:

Decision Making Handbook

Stay with us as we uncover a few clever strategies you can implement to attract and retain clients despite high-level competition. 

Clever Ways to Get More Personal Injury Clients 

  1. Recognize Why Firms Fail to Scale 

    Do you know why your law firm practice isn’t growing? Despite rising costs, many firms fail to scale not because of monetary issues but because money isn’t managed in the smartest way possible. Here are 3 red flags you should be on the lookout for:  


    Business scaling mistakesToday, the smartest (and most profitable) law firms are: 

    • Setting measurable goals that are aligned with the firm’s direction, purpose, and vision. 
    • Leveraging digital investments like PPC or Digital Advertising to activate both short and long-term sales. 
    • Driving their marketing, sales and overall business strategy with data-driven decisions.
  2. Secure Your Foundation

    Niche down to scale up But first thing first: you’ll need to secure the foundation with a website. Think of your law firm’s website as your home. It not only houses everything your clients and prospects need but it also houses all your creative assets such as videos, blogs, guides, ebooks, and pretty much anything you can think of! 

    We have pro-tips to get you started here:

    • Think of factors that differentiate you from the rest of the competition. This is somewhat related to your business’s unique value proposition, the statement where you let prospects know: 
    • How clients benefit from your legal service(s) 
    • How your services address and solve their legal urgencyNiche down to scale up What makes your firm’s offer different than the rest 
    • Legal niche marketing works for many firms because it allows them to laser-focus on pre-defined, specific and targeted audiences. To help you get started, think back to this question: What problems do you want to solve? Here’s an example of a personal injury micro-niche: Personal injury hierarchy
  3. Fortify the Lead Intake Process

    The legal intake process is considered a vital aspect of a law firm. Receiving a lead is a huge business opportunity that shouldn’t go to waste! 

    To help you secure more business, feel free to check out our guide with the 9 proven lead intake tactics

    We’ll give you two tips now: 

    • Make sure you discuss your payment process and accepted methods of payment.
    • Ask the right questions. For example, you’ll want to ask questions related to the likelihood of the lead converting to a case.
  4. Need to Boost Your Lead Pipeline? Protect the Intake Process 

    Besides securing the lead intake, you’ll want to consistently nurture your lead pipeline. For starters, you’ll want to optimize your website to convert the most leads. Here are some best practices for that: 

    • Use simple language, avoid legalese and legal jargon 
    • Keep the copy visually appealing by adding bullets….like this!
    • Add a mix of images and videos 
    • Add calls-to-action 
    • Above all, provide value 

    Find the best lead generation strategies here

Personal Injury Law Marketing Insights

When looking for a lawyer, potential clients not only want quick answers but also want to be confident they’ll be in the hands of the very best. This is why they’ll deep dive, researching each firm before making that crucial decision. This is where a standout website and an engaging online presence come into play. 

Your website and digital assets should catch prospects’ attention to ultimately convert them into calls and cases.

A website revamp is recommended every 3 years

Every personal injury case is unique, which means the plan of action will depend on many moving variables, including but not limited to:

  • What’s the type of injury? 
  • How did it happen? 
  • Where did it happen?

While personal injury is one of the most competitive fields in law, you can truly rise above the competition by: 

  1. Highlighting your expertise in areas specific to your practice. 
  2. Engaging clients right from their first search.

Remember, effective personal injury marketing companies are about:

  • Connecting
  • Showcasing
  • Reassuring

If you’re interested in knowing how to get personal injury clients and understand how potential clients choose the best personal injury lawyers, check this out!👇

Personal injury Marketing Customer Experience

After a car accident, victims often feel shocked, lost, and in need of help. During these times, there’s a predictable pattern victims do— they search for trusted legal representation online.

Legal service search stats

Car accidents remain a dominant practice within personal injury law, and this makes the competition among law firms more intense. As a matter of fact, the personal injury market is set to grow by 5% in 2023 to 2014. Take a look at these findings:

Market size growth 2013 2024

While other victims might call their families and friends for attorney recommendations, many will still instinctively turn to online searches to look for attorneys with the best reviews and strong credentials.

This is where having a great personal injury law firm marketing is mostly needed.

In this digital age, word of mouth won’t suffice anymore. Firms must stay ahead of the game by having clever online marketing strategies. Let’s delve into how marketing your personal injury law firm truly influences a victim’s journey from the crash scene all the way to your office.

So, to start, let’s dive into the client’s behavior… 

How Clients Select Their Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident

All clients have a standard that they want to meet when choosing the best personal injury lawyer that will represent them. They want to be in the hands of the very best. 

What are the common denominators? 

Here are some of the basic things they look for. 

✅Experience in representing a car accident victim.

✅Proof of relevant experience, such as case studies or testimonials showcasing their successful work.

✅Approachable personality that makes them feel you’re someone they can talk to.

Uncover the full details by watching this LAWsome episode with Ken Hardison, founder & president of PILMMA, The Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing & Management Association:

Now that you have a better understanding of what clients look for when searching for a personal injury lawyer, let’s dive into how you can place your firm in front of your competitors. 

Top Personal injury Digital marketing Strategies

Google Local Services Ads

LSAs, local services ads, help firms generate personal injury leads that can turn into clients.

The main goal of LSAs is to make your law firm appear to prospective clients searching online in your area for the services that you offer. It will help your firm’s profile or the lawyer representing your firm to show at the top of Google’s search results.

The local ads are Google screened, providing the searchers with valuable information, such as your reviews and years in business. Here’s an example:

Boston lawyer search sponsored listings

What LSAs Can and Cannot Do

  • LSA is pay-per-lead, unlike PPC, which is Pay-Per-Click.
  • You only pay once someone calls your firm by clicking on the phone number listed on the LSA post.
  • It has a  “click-to-call” feature.

Now, let’s find out why PPC is also one of your firm’s best options in successful personal injury law firm marketing.

Personal injury Law firm PPC

With PPC for law firms; firms can bid on specific keywords relating to their services. 

In search engine results, the law firm might appear at the top or in a visible area if the user searches for those keywords. By clicking on the ad, the law firm pays a fee to the search engine (Google, Bing, YouTube, etc.). As a result, law firms can target potential clients actively searching for their services. When it comes to car accident cases, usually the urgency is immediate so it is vital your firm is ready to offer a helping hand. 

Other personal injury law firms working with Consultwebs have seen results from this. 

Just look at how Consultwebs helps a law firm reduce their cost-per-lead by more than half using a PPC campaign in this case study:

Ppc efficiency improvement

In addition to keyword research, the Consultwebs team created new ad groups and wrote new copy for the advertisements. Despite spending less, the cost per lead dropped from $301 to $129, and the firm saved $7000 over 3 months. 

You can also master Pay-Per-Click advertising for law firms – start by diving into this video:

Personal injury SEO

Car accidents are unpredictable – but they happen. Fortunately, you can be there to help 24/7.

If your law firm is looking for wider visibility, long-time online growth, more calls, clients, and cases, then Personal injury lawyer SEO should be your go-to strategy.

Seo data analysis laptop

Search engine optimization will provide your firm with long-term benefits such as:

✅Enhancing your website by optimizing it to appear in Google’s SERPs 

✅Concentrating on Local SEO

✅Merging Off-page SEO and On-page SEO 

✅Boosting your local traffic

✅Boosting your online reviews

✅Improving social media management

✅Performing continuous keyword optimization

✅And so much more.

Be There When Car Accident Victims Need Your Firm the Most 

No one should go through car wrecks alone. As an experienced law firm, you can take steps to be there at the right place at the right time.  

This is why many personal injury law firms are diversifying their strategy by investing in different digital assets. 

Car accident victims shouldn’t settle for less and neither should your firm’s business. This is why personal injury law firms are partnering with Consultwebs.

Take a look at another client case study:

Laptop data analysis q3 q4

The data is between Q3 and Q4, the firm has managed to: 

📈Increase the number of cases by 62.5% 

📈Decrease cost per case by 39.7%  

Marketing personal injury shouldn’t be complicated; let us guide you to success.

Read the Rest of the Case Here. 

Building Trust with Clients

The personal injury market is growing. Learn why law firms should explore new strategies to grow their business.

When it comes to building a successful law firm, trust is everything. Imagine walking into a store and not trusting the salesperson to give you accurate information or a doctor not earning your trust before performing a procedure. The same applies to the legal industry; clients will look for representation elsewhere without trust. But how do you establish trust with potential clients in a competitive market? How can you identify the gaps within your business? 

To answer this question, we need to take a step back and analyze where clients find, compare and ultimately choose a law firm nowadays?

Let’s take a look:
Legal service search stats

Where would you search for a lawyer? Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Legal services are a high-ticket purchase, and you would want to be in the hands of the best. So while you may start by asking your circle of friends and family for possible legal referrals, there’s also a high chance you’d go online and check Google reviews, testimonials, etc. 

What does this all mean? Personal recommendations are influential, but online research is equally (if not more) important. 

Personal Injury Marketing is Growing. Is There Untapped Potential? 

The personal injury market is set to grow by 5% in 2023. Take a look at the findings:

Market size bar graph

This market growth is an excellent thing for both clients and firms. It is also driving more firms to secure increased business through a mix of digital marketing strategies. Want more information about our thoughts on 2023 trends and predictions?

But why should your firm keep up? 

  1. Reach a wider audience: If you’re not boosting your online presence, but your competitors are, there’s a chance clients will keep your competitors top of mind instead of you. 
  2. Establish expertise: Know of any updates in law? Building on high-quality content helps establish your firm as the expert. 
  3. Personalization: Want to be memorable? Create a unique customer experience. Clients today want to be something other than a number in your books; they want to feel special and seen. 
  4. Enhance your reputation: By providing valuable content, maintaining a social media presence, and investing in a high-quality website, etc., you will truly build a positive (and sustainable) reputation. 
  5. Stay competitive: As the personal injury market grows, you can set yourself apart from the rest and target the people who need you through consistent marketing. 
  6. Build relationships: In business, relationships are everything. With the help of social and email marketing, you can nurture relationships with prospects and clients. 
  7. Improve your client retention: Did you know that acquiring a new customer costs 5X more than retaining one? Retention is key. 

The most critical reason for firms to keep up is to build trust.

Find Out Why Trust Is The Key For Profitable Firms

Digital Marketing Strategies Proven to Boost Profitability

Firms can establish their expertise, reliability, and credibility with a mix of the following assets:

  1. High-quality website: A professional and well-designed law firm website can establish a firm’s credibility and expertise. It can also provide potential clients with information about your firm’s services and attorneys, building trust and confidence in its abilities.
  2. Valuable content: Creating helpful and informative content such as blog posts, infographics, and white papers can establish a firm as a thought leader.
  3. Testimonials and reviews: Positive testimonials and reviews from previous clients can be a powerful way to build trust as they showcase your track record of success and client satisfaction.
  4. Social media presence: An active presence can help law firms build trust with potential clients by showcasing the firm’s personality and humanizing the attorneys.
  5. Email marketing: Email marketing can reach clients directly in their inboxes and provide them with valuable information.
  6. Digital advertising: Digital advertising methods such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads can help you target specific audiences in your legal jurisdiction.
  7. SEO: Search Engine Optimization uses various optimization strategies, e.g., adding links, keywords, and publishing quality content. All of this signals search engines and prospects that your website is valuable. 

Examples of Personal Injury Claims 

There are different injury claims that fall under personal injury law, and the ideal marketing approach is different for each type of personal injury case your firm wants to target.

Here are a few of the primary practice areas that fall under personal injury:

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries 

Marketing Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries in law firms are distinct due to the targeted outreach to victims seeking timely legal recourse for complex, often traumatic incidents. If you want to get some ideas on how to reach motor vehicle accident clients follow the link. 

Workplace Injuries 

Marketing Workplace Injuries in law firms is unique because it addresses the nuanced intersection of employee rights, employer responsibilities, and intricate workers’ compensation laws. 

Although Workplace Injuries Marketing has to consider many factors, law firms still need to prioritize the importance of focusing on a legal niche when marketing a law firm. Learn how niche targeting can make a difference and how to choose the right niche by watching this Podcast!👇

Joe fried choosing legal niche

Assault, Battery & Willful Violence

In law, assault typically refers to the threat or attempt to inflict physical harm, battery is the actual physical harm inflicted on another person without their consent, and willful violence denotes intentional, aggressive behavior that causes or aims to cause harm.

The deeply personal nature of such cases necessitates a marketing approach centered on trust, sensitivity, and swift justice.

Defamation: Libel And Slander Defamation 

These practices involve damaging one’s reputation through false statements, whether written (libel) or spoken (slander). Marketing here hinges on the value of reputation and the ability to defend one’s name assertively.

Premises Liability 

This area covers injuries occurring on someone else’s property due to negligence. Distinctive marketing emphasizes the responsibility of property owners and the right to safety for all visitors.

Wrongful Death 

Marketing for Wrongful Death cases requires addressing the profound grief of families while emphasizing the pursuit of justice for lost loved ones.

Product Liability 

Law firms marketing product liability services should position themselves as expert defenders of consumer rights and advocates for those harmed by defective or dangerous products.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a patient is injured because of negligent medical care. A case can be made when mistakes are made during diagnosis, the application of anesthesia, surgery, and/or faulty drug prescriptions, and more.

  • Examples: dental medical malpractice, birth injury medical malpractice.

Personalized Personal injury Marketing strategy for your Law firm

At Consultwebs, we recognize the effects one factor has on another. We take a comprehensive marketing approach and tailor it to your firm’s wants and needs, and we deliver results. We are not your average digital marketing team. Our experts focus entirely on the legal industry, so you can expect to stand out amongst your competitors through our specialized marketing approach that caters to Personal Injury law firms: