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Digital marketing tips for lawyers

More and more law firms are placing themselves at the forefront of the digital advertising competition to achieve their online goal — to be on the first page of search results!

These winning firms have one common strategy, and their success is far from coincidental; it is forecasted! 

They all diversify their digital advertising efforts to an Agile approach tailored for law firms and experience adaptive and dynamic techniques that helped them unlock:

✅ Stronger online presence

✅ Visibility 

✅ New heights of digital success

These law firms experience:

✅ Teamwork and collaboration

✅ Data-driven decision making

✅ Quick and iterative releases 

Be one of these money-making law firms dominating the digital advertising space today.


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Effective Agile Digital Advertising Efforts Produce Results

As proof, this is the data of a law firm partnered with Consultwebs. ( For privacy purposes, we will keep the law firm’s name anonymous and address it as ‘the firm’.) 

The firm focuses on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) and Personal Injury (PI) cases. The firm leveraged using LSAs in its digital marketing strategy, and look how it paid off.

  • For Personal Injury cases, the firm’s ave. spend was $928.65 and got $5,727.25 earnings from the generated cases, making a 516.73% ROI.
Pi spend vs fee chart

  • Meanwhile, in SSD, the firm’s ave. spend was $2,128.34, and got $11,772.73 in earnings from the generated cases, making a 453.14% ROI

Ssd spend fee comparison

  • In combination with PI and SSD, the firm’s ave. spend was $3,056.99, and received $17,500 in earnings from the generated cases, making a 472.46% ROI.
P1 ssd spend fee analysis

So you might be wondering, how did Consultwebs practice Agile digital advertising? Take it from Matt Smyers, our Senior Digital Advertising Advisor.

With agile, firms will see their monthly budget being allocated to campaigns that are designed to increase their online presence and visibility. We're big believers in having our clients invest in those areas long-term because what we have seen over the years is that when they do so, they ultimately see a much better roi from what we consider to be their short-term sales activation strategy.

That is why one of the strategies that Consultwebs strongly leverages is Local Service Ads or LSA. 

Local Service Ads for Law Firms

LSA is an advertising program where law firms are verified on Google and pre-vetted as the strongest match in the search results. 


The profile of your firm or the lawyer representing your firm would appear at the very top of Google’s search results. This is what it looks like:

Personal injury lawyers georgia tablet search

Local ads are Google screened. It provides the user with the most significant information, such as reviews and years in business.


About LSAs:

  • It will lead searchers directly to a “click-to-call” functionality. 
  • LSA ads appear above PPC and all other search ads on Google within the search results
  • Unlike PPC, LSA operates on a pay-per-lead basis.
  • Local service ads (should not be mistaken for local search ads.)
  • It can also be managed through Google Ads (only their billing and payment system)
  • It can be operational on a PPC (pay-per-click) basis.

Ppc vs lsa comparison
Its goal is to help your firm appear to prospective clients searching in your area for your services. Moreover, LSAs help your firm score quality leads that ultimately become paying clients.  


And when you secure your leads, it also means securing your sales pipeline.


Leads are found in the middle of your sales funnel:

Customer lifecycle diagram macbook

LSAs serve as the  “middleman” between your law firm and clients; this is why Google refers to LSA as the “messy middle.”

Learn more about the messy middle here:



Now that you have a better understanding of what Local Service Ads are let us briefly talk about the power of PPC. It is a service that some mixed up with LSA, but it also has a significant impact on every firm’s digital advertising strategy if done right.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Works Best With LSA + SEO

Talking about the Agile approach and investing in what works based on the data. Using PPC with the combination of LSA and SEO efforts is a giant strategy to beat.

How? Let us elaborate…

PPC for law firms allows firms to bid on specific keywords related to their services. Using effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your firm’s PPC Ads, ranking on the first page of search results is not impossible.

With LSAs, again, local service ads can be operational on a PPC (pay-per-click) basis, so combining these two strategies can strengthen your ad campaign more. 


Here are a few areas your PPC team will work through:

✅ Reaching your target audience

✅ Focusing on the right keywords

✅ Clear messaging within the advertising

✅ Managing the bids and budget

✅ Retargeting campaigns

✅ Boosting a social media ads campaign


The Right Law Firm Marketing Agency That Breathes and Lives Through Agile Digital Advertising Is What You Need


Whether it is in life or in business, it is not about what you want, but what you NEED. Finding the RIGHT partner in business can directly impact the success of your law firm’s GOALS

Consultwebs values the essence of collaboration and teamwork. Let us talk about how we can tailor your firm’s goals to the needs of your prospective clients through effective digital marketing strategies. 

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