Family lawyer Marketing

Family Law Firms Need to Know

Family law practice deals dissolution of a marriage, a child custody battle, or the complexities surrounding adoption, every case has its unique challenges and deep-seated emotions. Marketing for a family law firm isn’t about flashy ads or boastful claims. It’s about connecting with individuals at potentially one of the most challenging times in their lives.

The question remains. How should you approach your family law marketing? Dive into this 5-minute guide for insights, and for specialized strategies for divorce lawyers, click here. If you are ready to move forward and showcase your firm to its target audience:

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Why Is Family Law Marketing Different?

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Here’s how family law marketing stands apart from the marketing of other practice areas like personal injury or criminal defense, and how by knowing this you can strengthen your strategy and promote your family law services :

The Depth of Client Research

Unlike someone seeking immediate assistance after a car accident, a client looking for a family law lawyer may spend weeks or even months researching law firms, legal services, and legal advice. The depth of their research means that your firm should be visible and offer valuable insights throughout their journey.

Pro Tip: First recognize the need your prospective clients have for ongoing engagement. The first step in your digital marketing strategy is having or creating a family law firm website. Through Search Engine marketing (SEO), we ensure that potential clients find insightful articles, blog posts, and other resources when they start their research. Whether they’re seeking answers to questions like “What are the grounds for divorce in my state?” or “How is child custody determined?”, your firm will be right there, thanks to your search engine rankings, guiding them with expertise.
You stay on your prospective client’s radar by improving your online presence by using social media platforms.  And you nurture them further with retargeting and email sequences.

What’s retargeting? Imagine visiting a shop and checking out shoes but not buying them. Later, wherever you go, you see ads for those shoes. That’s online retargeting.

The Crucial Role of Google Business Profile

Previously known as Google My Business (GMB): A well-optimized GBP profile is more than a business listing. It’s a beacon of trust. A potential client can assess your operational hours, read reviews, gauge your firm’s activity level, and even find directions to your office.

Pro Tip:  At Consultwebs, we ensure that your GBP profile is complete, optimized, and most importantly accurate. We have seen how these simple optimizations make it easier for prospective clients to find your legal services.

Humanizing Your Firm

The rigors of family law demand not just legal prowess but immense empathy. Prospective clients must see and feel this empathy at every touchpoint.

Pro Tip: Through custom content marketing, including relevant videos, empathetic blog posts, and client testimonials, we deliberately craft an online presence for your firm that’s both professional and profoundly human.

Engagement Beyond Traditional Platforms

Family law clients seek assurance. They wish to know that their attorney will be by their side, guiding and supporting them.

Pro Tip: Beyond the standard platforms, Consultwebs harnesses the power of social media marketing, podcasts, and newsletters to keep your firm at the forefront of their minds. These channels serve as platforms for engagement and education, ensuring a bond of trust even before they walk through your doors or call you.

Navigating the Online Review Landscape

Positive reviews can significantly bolster a firm’s reputation. But given the emotional nature of family law, even satisfied clients might hesitate to leave public feedback.

Pro Tip: Create tailored strategies to encourage clients to leave reviews, each client is different so the approach also should. Just know that the extra effort to secure reviews or social media posts goes a long way. Remember to respond to both good and bad reviews. Be helpful, bad reviews are your best piece of marketing, and fixing those bad reviews is worth every second.


The Consultwebs’ Approach to Family Law Marketing

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Did you know that around 83.64% of divorce and child custody leads began on Google’s first search results page? This makes digital the main channel to promote your Family law practice and reach your target audience.

At Consultwebs, we take a comprehensive approach to family law firm marketing. We help you balance the need for short-term bumps in business with a long-term growth strategy. Our marketing experts create achievable plans while measuring success by focusing on your firm’s return on your investment.

Every firm is different and has its unique needs and goals, you will see that a customized combination of the following marketing for family law strategies can ultimately position your family law for long-term success: