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In today’s competitive market, the firms leveraging big bucks and making the smartest moves know that investing is only half the battle. The other half? Monitoring your return on investment and optimizing for incrementally better results based on data. want to take a deep dive and find out everything there is to know about LawEval?

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We believe that any and all firms investing in marketing should have clear answers to all their data-related questions. Although there are endless questions, some include:

  • “Is my site up?”
  • “Are the leads coming in?”
  • “Are all my contact forms functioning?”
  • “Are my live chats, forms, emails, and calls all working?”

Firms can have all the answers in the palm of their hands with LawEval.

Graphic overview of LawEvals modules including Case Management, Document Automation, and Compliance Tracking.

What’s LawEval for Law Firms?

LawEval is 100% designed for law firms. It is a unique, hassle-free, all-in-one dashboard offering real-time data growth insights specifically designed for all a law firm’s marketing needs.

Derek Seymour, smiling in stylish glasses and blue checkered shirt, against teal background.
LawEval is a platform that benefits both our existing Consultwebs clients as well as any law firm who's concerned about whether their site is up, leads are coming in, how their marketing channels are doing, and so on.
Derek Seymour Director of Information Technology

3 Powerful Modules in the Palm of Your Hand

  • The Performance Monitoring Module

    With the monitoring module, there’s 24/7 monitoring. Some of the features give you the ability to:

    • Know how your website is running 24/7
    • Keep track of your site’s speed and performance
    • Monitor all your contact forms & all your conversion channels
    • Access a comprehensive customer touchpoint monitoring system that helps identify any technical issues with ease, e.g., broken contact forms, malfunctioning live chats, wrong phone numbers, etc.
    • Visually capture all your web pages multiple times per day – so you can efficiently conduct a point-in-time review to pinpoint when a problem arises.
    See it in action here:
    Three devices displaying analytics dashboards on a teal digital network background.
  • The Leads Module

    This module offers real-time conversion data of all your channels. Some of the features include:

    • Tracking leads from start to finish.
    • Real-time conversion and data from virtually any marketing channel (Google, Facebook, etc.)
    • The ability to track the flow of leads from start to finish, closing the loop on which leads are turning into signed clients.
    • Monthly reporting and trend alerts.
    • Email notifications that can be enabled for all or specific leads coming in.
    See it in action here:
    Sleek tablet showcasing advanced data analytics with futuristic geometric design in vibrant colors.
  • The Analytics Module

    The Analytics module helps you have a central place to manage your marketing campaigns and digital ad spends to make sure they are working as intended. Some of the features include:

    • A customizable, all-in-one dashboard to make marketing easy.
    • Aggregated data from all your firm’s channels.
    • Viewing paid campaign results from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LSAs, and YouTube Ads, and more.
    • Monthly reports so you can see your progress towards your targets.
    • Collecting the data, metrics, and analytics from more than 70 different vendors!
    See it in action here:
    Modern business analytics dashboard with key metrics and trends displayed on a computer screen.

What Law Firms Can Expect from LawEval

Expect peace of mind knowing you’re in control of your marketing dollars from start to finish. And there’s more:

Professional reviewing real-time metrics during an online business meeting.
  • Powerful top-notch technology: Sturdy enough that if you are a firm without an IT representative, you don’t need to hire someone to check if you got hacked, if things are working, etc.
  • Reliable automation – E.g., Checks websites and provides reports without manual updates.
  • Proven user-friendly program – All the data is a few clicks away.
  • Reliable alerts – It’s configured to your liking! More on this in the step-by-step tutorials section.
  • Instant access to everything – Your entire digital marketing is in the palm of your hand.
  • Customizable dashboards to fit your firm’s needs.

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What’s In It For Your Firm?

If you’re looking to get ahead with a powerful asset, look no further for proof. Dive into the Ultimate LawEval Handbook to learn more about the different modules, benefits, and features you can integrate into your business strategy.

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