2023’s Top Attorney Advertising: A Best-of Compilation

Best attorney ads of 2023

Think legal ads all look the same? They don’t have to! Let’s review the best attorney ads of 2022-2023 and analyze just what makes them so successful.

Legal ads don’t have to be dry and boring; they can be imaginative, witty, and even emotional. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most effective attorney ads out there and dissect what makes them so successful. From quirky humor to heartfelt messaging, legal ads can take vastly different forms and creative angles. Together, we’ll explore some of the most effective legal ads out there and discuss why they work so well.

Heartfelt Messaging: Law Offices of Phillips & Hunt

Phillips and Hunt’s legal ad strikes a balance between traditional legal advertising and heartfelt, genuine messaging. The ad emphasizes the firm’s commitment to protecting vulnerable victims like children involved in car crashes, while showcasing their genuine care for each client’s unique story.
Fun fact: Does the attorney spokesperson look familiar? You might have seen him in four episodes of the second season of the Netflix hit show, Tiger King!

Why it works: 

Clients come to lawyers during difficult times in their lives. Ads like this one that emphasize compassion are effective because they encapsulate the empathy and understanding many clients seek. It shows that the lawyer is sensitive to their struggles and doesn’t just see their case as another number on a list.


Recurrently Using a Large Budget: Jim Atler The Texas Hammer

Jim Atler has been a regular in almost every one of our best legal ads yearly lists. He is one, if not the pioneer when it comes to legal advertising. On this years ad, we see another action-packed ad of him taking the fight over to insurance companies, with his old trusty hammer.

Why It works:

He takes us on a short but exciting ride every time. You can search his youtube channel, TexasHammerOfficial, and find numerous nuggets of pure gold. Jim Atler knows the recipe to catch your attention and has only been perfecting it through his video ads. He also changes things up, but sticks to a theme, his Hammer tagline is always represented.

The Comedic Angle: Browne Law Group

We were deciding between a few ads to make as the comedic video example, but in the end, none of the other examples had quite as much of the absurd, quirky, over-the-top humor quality as this ad from the Brown Law Group. Between the attorney’s suit sleeves flying off, summoning (in a very Thor-like manner) a gavel of justice, and using said gavel to hit the attorney’s opponent into outer space, it’s safe to say you’re going to have to go some to come up with a better comedic ad example. 
So, meet Byron Browne: the anti-lawyer lawyer.

Why it works: 

This is another ad we can glean a lot of lessons from: 

  • Quirky humor: This ad skillfully used humor. But, even if this particular type of humor isn’t your cup of tea, you should explore other humor-style alternatives to incorporate into your legal ads. Especially in advertising, humor should never be underestimated. Humor humanizes your brand, demonstrates that your law firm doesn’t take itself too seriously, and, most importantly, makes yourself memorable. 
  • Unique angle: By pitching himself as the “anti-lawyer lawyer,” Byron crafted a very distinct brand that sets him apart from his competitors. Consider different ways you can do the same. 
  • Consistent Branding: This wasn’t just a one-off quirky legal ad. Across all of Byron’s marketing materials, you’ll notice his messaging, humor type, and branding are remarkably consistent. For instance, if you visit his website he is wearing the exact same suit with the arms ripped off from his video and the front page describes his firm as “not your average suit-and-tie personal injury firm.” Even his website domain title goes by antilawyer.com! 

Showcasing Core Values: Reaves Law Firm, PLCC

The Reaves Law Firm also ventured beyond the conventional in their 2022 Super Bowl ad, emphasizing that everyone deserves legal representation, irrespective of their skin color.

Why it works: 

This video demonstrates that law firm advertising can go beyond simply showcasing the scope of your legal services. Through legal ads, you can convey your firm’s core values and beliefs, sending a powerful message about your identity and the principles you stand for. 


She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, GLK&H

Let’s finish with a fantasy-filled legal ad. She-Hulk and her Attorney at Law Commercial is a fantastic example of law firm marketing for several reasons.

Why it Works

Not only does it capitalize on the popularity of a well-known Super Hero, but it also creatively integrates various marketing elements to attract attention.

  • She establishes her credibility Using a noticeably similar badge  to one we see a lot (Bestest Super Lawyer #1 timestamp- 0:18)
  • Communicate the firm’s unique selling proposition (super Legal representation)


While it’s essential to learn from these successful attorney ads, don’t hesitate to use them as a starting point and let your creativity take the lead in crafting your own unique advertising style. Who knows, maybe one day your innovative legal ad will make it onto a list like this!

If you’re unsure about where to begin or need some guidance in creating an exceptional legal ad, our team at Consultwebs is here to help. Get in touch with one of our marketing experts today.