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Are you looking for Law firm SEO service? Consultwebs is amongst the top SEO companies in the USA with a proven track record of success with internet marketing services especially when it comes to lawyer SEO.
If your firm has not achieved: 

  • Long-term online organic growth
  • Greater visibility over competitors
  • More and better quality calls, clients, and cases

Then it would be best if you gave our search engine optimization services a chance.  Our services are designed for law firms looking for continual long-term growth, with our main metric of success being return on investment

Law firm SEO Services

Before diving into the technicalities of SEO, let’s paint a picture so you can understand SEO, as a lawyer:

Think of your law firm’s website as a legal brief presented to the court of public opinion. In this court, your arguments (content, social media, Google analytics) are crucial, and your goal is to persuade the jury (potential clients) of your expertise and reliability (your services).
However, merely submitting this brief isn’t enough if it’s not properly indexed and accessible. SEO acts like a skilled legal clerk, ensuring your brief is filed correctly, easily accessible, and prominently displayed.

Without SEO, your brief might end up buried under a pile of other documents (websites), unseen by the jury. Essentially, SEO ensures that your firm’s arguments are not only well-crafted but also prominently presented and easily discoverable in the vast library of the internet.

Get 25 Years of Law firm SEO Expertise with Consultwebs

At Consultwebs, we offer SEO services that are tailored to the specific needs of your law firm.

With us, each client gets a team of Law firm marketing experts consisting of SEO specialists and strategists, as well as web developers, content, outreach, and social media teams. We are experienced in marketing for every niche of law practice with a particular emphasis on Personal Injury.

We also have lawyers and paralegals throughout our SEO and content teams.  All this enables us to deeply understand and navigate the distinct challenges and opportunities inherent in SEO and marketing for law firms.

We’re not just about optimizing your SEO and website, we’re about elevating your firm’s digital presence to match its legal expertise.

Please take a look through our SEO Case study and see the results! 

Seo case results consultwebs

If your law firm has not been achieving your desired SEO results with your current agency or in-house team despite all the efforts. Click the link below will take you to a straightforward guide to help you evaluate the situation independently.

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Benefits of Using SEO Services for Lawyers

Users now use the internet more than ever, thanks to their phones. A recent study found that 54% of potential clients use their phones to search.  Surveys have also found that 60% of users reported going online to find legal representation.  These are opportunities for your firm to not only appear on searches when clients need you they need you, but also

  • Enhancing and optimizing your website to appear in Google’s SERPs(search engine results pages) rankings. Therefore improving brand awareness
  • Improving your firm’s traffic acquisition and Return on investment (ROI)
  • Advertisements are visible 24/7 with no extra cost for clicks
  • Nurture credibility, authority, and trust
  • Increasing your local and relevant traffic, for every stage of your conversion funnel.
  • Boosting your online reviews
  • Better and more relevant cases and clients for your law firm.

These are reasons why more law firms are entrusting their marketing efforts, like SEO, to marketing experts like Consultwebs. Take a look at this:Marketing outsourcing comparison


If you want to learn more about the top SEO strategies you should expect, the following printable 1-sheeter will help you take control of your SEO plan of action.

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Our Approach to Legal SEO Services

So, what sets Consultwebs SEO services for lawyers apart from the rest of legal agencies?

Our team lives and breathes the legal industry. With over 20+ years, we’ve been instrumental in assisting law firms of various practice areas, e.g., personal injury, family law, criminal defense, and more, to secure top positions in search engine rankings.

Our SEO services are designed not just for short-term visibility, but for sustainable long-term growth. The main metric of our success is the return on investment we bring to your firm. Here is how we do it: 

Keyword Research: The Foundation of Successful SEO Every SEO journey should begin with exhaustive keyword research. We identify the terms and phrases your potential clients are using to find legal services in your practice areas and location. This involves a deep analysis of search trends, competitor keywords, and the intent behind the searches.

By understanding what your potential clients are looking for, we tailor your content to meet their needs, thereby improving your visibility and relevance in search results.

Technical SEO:  Technical SEO forms the backbone of our strategy. Our team of web developers and SEO specialists work together to ensure your website is optimized from the ground up. This includes improving site speed, ensuring mobile-friendliness, user-interface (UI), and fixing any crawl errors.

We make sure your site is structured in a way that search engines can understand and rank effectively, enhancing both user experience and your law firm’s visibility.

Local SEO:  Local SEO is crucial for law firms. We optimize your online presence to target clients in your geographical area. This includes optimizing your Google Business Profile, building local citations, and ensuring your NAP+W (Name, Address, Phone Number+ Website) consistency across the web.

We also develop strategies to grow your local reviews, further establishing your firm’s credibility and authority in your community.

Link Building: Establishing Authority Off-Page optimization is a key component of our strategy. We focus on building high-quality, relevant links that drive traffic and improve your site’s authority. Our outreach team works to secure backlinks from reputable legal and local websites, enhancing your online presence and credibility.

This not only improves your search engine rankings but also positions your firm as a trusted authority in the legal field.

Ongoing Optimization and Reporting SEO is not a one-time task but an ongoing process. We continually monitor and adjust our strategies based on the latest search trends, algorithm updates, and performance data. Regular reporting ensures you are always aware of your SEO performance and the value we are delivering.

By integrating these key components into our approach, Consultwebs ensures your law firm is not only found by potential clients but also stands out as a leader in the legal community. Partner with us to experience the full spectrum of SEO benefits, tailored specifically for the legal industry.

And that brings us to the next big question you might have.

“When Can My Law Firm Expect Results from SEO?”

While this seems like a straightforward question, it’s laden with multiple factors that are in constant change. Consequently, it doesn’t lend itself to a single, definitive answer.

Embarking on a new SEO campaign requires considerable initial research. This foundational work involves redesigning your website, link building, and crafting an initial SEO strategy tailored to your specific needs.

This process alone can span a full month, although it’s crucial to note that this timeline isn’t rigid. One essential thing to remember is that while organic search results are highly potent, acquiring them is a marathon, not a sprint.

So to understand it better, take a look at this case study about a personal injury firm that is partnered with Consultwebs. The firm sees an incredible result after using SEO, digital ads, and agile marketing.

Macbook pro data chart

The law firm experiences a remarkable increase of 28.44% per year in leads while achieving a stable yearly decrease of 15.84% in its cost per lead.

And if you’d like to know the roadmap of this firm’s success – we’ve got it.

For total transparency, we’re offering our entire onboarding process behind SEO so your firm can set expectations from the beginning.

Download Your SEO Roadmap Here

It’s Time You Take The Next Steps

Your relationship with your agency directly impacts your law firm’s success (and your peace of mind!)

Thus, we’d like to empower your firm with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the maze of choosing the right marketing agency

Your smartest investment in Law firm SEO services is just a call away!