Social media marketing Service for Lawyers

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Be Top of Mind With Social Media Services for Law Firms

  • Network
  • Showcase expertise
  • Build trust through a positive social media image  
  • Engage and be ready to help 
  • Increase traffic to the site 
  • Connect and strengthen its community

Law firms are increasingly invested in diverse digital assets because it is proven that both paid and organic strategies, directly and indirectly, bring in business for law firms.

Why Your Law Firm Can’t Afford to Skip Social Media 

As Paige York, Law Firm Social Media Coordinator at Consultwebs, states, ‘Social media contributes to law firm ROI by building and establishing an audience that feels like they know you and your brand.’ 

Proof that Social Media Works for Law Firms 

As a leading digital marketing agency for law firms, we decided to compare and contrast 200+ law firms that: 

  1. Decided to expand their digital marketing investment(s)
  2. Decided not to expand digital marketing investment(s)


📈The firms investing in more than two marketing campaign upgrades with Consultwebs see 3X the cases compared to those with 1 upgrade and over 18X compared to those not upgrading at all. 

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This includes diverse investments, e.g., social media. 

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Our Law Firm Social Media Includes: 

This includes diverse investments,e.g., social media. 

Within the social media services for law firms, we consider many factors, including: 

  • Your clients’ and your expectations 
  • Your practice area(s)
  • Your market, etc. 

Although no two firms are alike, some of the best practices your firm can expect from partnering with us include:

We understand that picking the perfect vendor for your law firm takes time, and we’d like to help you reach your conclusions. 

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    Securing and verifying your social media profiles 
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    Utilizing paid options.
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    Verifying your information.
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    Customizing all your content.
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    Connect your firm with quality clients and prospects.

Want to make sure you pick the right service vendor check out our vendor comparison checklist by downloading the resource below: Download Checklist

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As digital marketing experts for law firms, we take into consideration all the factors to create outstanding social media content. Some factors include the time to post, image sizing, adding trending topics, etc.

While we provide you general best practices, we tailor our social media assistance to meet your firm’s needs. Curious to know how your firm can increase business through social media? Book a Call Now!