Email marketing Service for Lawyers

The power of email marketing in the legal field is sorely underestimated. Law firms can benefit substantially from email marketing services, one of the most effective inbound marketing techniques. With emails, Firms can speak directly to their clients, it is the perfect tool to connect law firms with their past, present, and future clients.

Why Lawyers should use Email Marketing 

Sending follow-up emails to specific actions your firm has taken or even just educational emails has proven to be helpful and, more importantly, welcomed by clients and prospects alike. You can provide valuable content to your readers, such as ebooks, newsletters, invitations, guidelines, etc.

Our email marketing service encompasses this and more. Why? Well, effective emails should not just be a nice add-on to the communication strategies you’ve already got in place. They should convert

There are two conversion-related issues lawyers are facing today, that a good email marketing strategy can solve:

  1. When case leads are qualified but not yet ready to sign with your law firm.  These leads often get ignored in favor of the hot leads who are ready to sign right then and there. This generates a loss in sales opportunities and higher client acquisition costs.
  2.  The second issue lawyers face in their search to sign more cases, is gathering thousands of email addresses (current or past clients) sitting idle in the firm’s database

So, why should your firm consider email marketing?:

  • Boost ROI
  • Lower costs
  • Target the right message to the right audience.
  • Generate referrals
  • Reach mobile users
  • Drive traffic

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Email Marketing Strategies 

The difference between a good and a great email marketing strategy lies in defining your clients’ whats (they need), whys, whens, whos, and lastly, hows. The clearer the answers to these questions are, the more successful your email marketing strategy will be. Understanding your client will shorten their sales cycles, maximize their lifetime value, and build loyalty to your law firm.

Regular Email Campaigns 

Unlike Drip Campaigns, a regular email campaign is scheduled or sent manually to many subscribers, and it’s sent all at once. 

Setting Up an Email Campaign

Step 1: Set a goal

Step 2: Segment list and define the target audience

Step 3: Create a content calendar

Step 4: Design and test emails

Step 5: Send

Step 6: Measure and optimize

Drip Series Email Marketing Campaign 

A drip campaign is a series of automated emails, often triggered by specific user actions and behaviors, e.g. submitting a form, clicking on a link, etc. Leads can be nurtured with helpful and relevant content until they are ready to become your client. 

Setting Up an Email Drip Series Campaign

Step 1: Set a goal

Step 2: Define the target audience

Step 3: Choose trigger events

Step 4: Create content and structure

Step 5: Send

Step 6: Measure and optimize

Drip series email marketing

Other Email Strategies 


A newsletter is an email that is sent to your subscribers in order to keep these clients and potential clients informed about the latest news about your law firm.
Email newsletters are the most common type of email in email marketing. Sending email digests of articles, blogs, videos, office news, and other relevant content to engage a target audience. They should be sent on regular basis in order to keep the subscriber’s interest. 

Email Blasts

These are one-time emails that cross/up-sell, or communicate any breaking news to a target audience. An email blast can be defined as sending the same or a similar email message to a large email list simultaneously. There is no real targeting when it comes to these emails just like its name,  email blasts, these emails are sent indiscriminately. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing