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EAT and YMYL: The New Slogan for Your Law Firm

For people to seek your services, they must have confidence in what you offer. A great website provides a few sections and breaks down information for the benefit of the clients. As clients have tight schedules, they need to see a proper tabled structure of information as they strive to…

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5 Legal Marketing Tactics that Will Grow Your Law Firm Fast in 2021

Marketing frills sacrifice honesty for followings and conversions. Today’s marketers push limits- adopting overly ‘salesy’ language. Some businesses can lose credibility over this kind of content.  That’s why law firms keep off aggressive marketing campaigns. Words and impressions are serious business in the legal fraternity. Many law firms stick to…

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How to Use 6 Cognitive Biases to Maximize your Firm’s Place in the Market

You will find this hard to believe, but it’s the truth: you can actually influence someone else’s decision through psychology. Sounds like a script plucked straight from an episode of Suits, right? Believe it or not, that is what marketing psychology is all about—and understanding your audience’s cognitive biases is…

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How the New iOS Update Disrupts Facebook ads

Social media advertisement is the backbone of the modern ad landscape. Over 9 million businesses are currently advertising on Facebook alone, and almost every business (big and small) is active in the social media “ad scape” in one way or another. So, what happens when the way social media ads…

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Core Web Vitals: Google’s Next Big Update

Are you ready for Google’s next update?   Come May 2021, the Google algorithm as we know it will change – again. Though the search engine undergoes near-constant updates, the vast majority go under the radar. The upcoming core update, however, is one that will potentially impact your SEO efforts…

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