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23 Jun 2015

Google’s Latest Changes May Place More Importance on Social Signals


What role does Social Media play in your law firm’s online marketing campaign? Social Media is a fantastic complement to your blog by driving more traffic to your website and touting your authority on topics pertinent to your practice areas….

09 Jun 2015

The 3 Marketing Systems Your Business Must Have In Place For Maximum Revenue

The 3 Marketing Systems Your Business

Ever wonder what the difference was between struggling businesses and businesses that seem to dominate everything they do? I have. It’s something I’ve been studying my entire career while working with businesses everywhere, from startups to those making millions each…

04 Jun 2015

Google Search Queries on Mobile Devices Exceed Desktop Searches – How Savvy Law Firms Should Respond

Google Search Queries on Mobile Devices

The way consumers seek information passed a noteworthy milestone last month. You might know the answer already if you have noticed how many people are focused on their phones in restaurants, airports and other public places. Google announced on May…

02 Jun 2015

Public Relations & Law Firms, Yielding Returns Together

Public Relations & Law Firms

Communication is an increasingly important element for any law firm. Given the saturation and fragmentation of media, it is far more difficult to reach large numbers of consumers through traditional advertising. Not only is advertising expensive, but it is also…