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25 Aug 2016

Geofencing: Connect Your law firm with prospects at the right time and place

target feature

No matter what type of advertising campaign you’re running, making sure those ads are placed in locations that will have the most impact is obviously an important component for success. In online advertising, there are numerous options for location targeting,…

19 Aug 2016

Can Pokémon Go and Other Apps Boost Your Firm’s Marketing?


Technology seems to be evolving at lightning speed, and no doubt there have been new apps and devices that have overwhelmed and confused you. You may feel like you want to ignore the latest technological developments, but if you want…

16 Aug 2016

Effective Strategies to Gain More Online Reviews

online reviews

Online reputation management for law firms has been in the spotlight over the last couple of years and many law firms are going to great lengths to boost their online reputations. It is clear that the public loves to read…

12 Aug 2016

The Best of the Best: Attorney Advertisements


Attorney advertisements. They are everywhere: on television, billboards, buses, and the subway. Often billboards give a simple call to action, and commercials can play on emotions or make you giggle. Sometimes it seems like many of the advertisements run together,…

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