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13 Apr 2017

6 Factors for a Successful SEO Campaign

SEO strategies

One of the most common questions an SEO hears is, “What exactly are you doing for my website?” An SEO campaign has copious components, many of which happen behind the scenes. So what exactly does an SEO do for your…

11 Apr 2017

Busy Lawyer’s Online Marketing Update – April 11, 2017

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  We know you are busy, so we did the reading for you. Our team of more than 50 search marketing experts shares the most important news that attorneys need to know about online marketing and web technology from recent…

04 Apr 2017

How often does Google want your firm to blog?

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It’s a common question.  How often should your firm be blogging to get value for search visibility? There are differing opinions.  Some may tell you that the more you blog, the better.  Others may have a number of posts per…

03 Apr 2017

What Is the True Value of Social Media ROI?

Social media stats

What is the real difference between a dormant Facebook page and one that is thriving? And don’t just ask the question about what the pages look like on the surface, but in regard to the return on your investment. In short, does…