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28 Nov 2016

Getting Started With A/B Testing

A/B test

You did everything right when setting up your AdWords campaigns. The keywords are tightly focused, the ads are relevant, and you are getting clicks on your ads for relevant search queries. But you feel like the phone isn’t ringing as…

21 Nov 2016

Last-Minute Marketing Campaigns to Boost Holiday Traffic

boost-magnify glass

It seems like the holidays sneak up on us every year and leave us feeling stressed and behind schedule. At such a busy time of year, a holiday marketing strategy for your law firm may not have crossed your mind. But…

10 Nov 2016

Why Is Your Law Firm Getting Clicks But No Cases?

ROI tablet

It’s a common story.  Your firm has invested in its website and digital marketing efforts, either in-house or with a vendor.  Reports show an increase in visibility, traffic, clicks, impressions, and other metrics, but you can’t attribute much, or any,…

09 Nov 2016

Busy Lawyer’s Online Marketing Update – November 9, 2016

busy lawyer logo

We know you are busy, so we did the reading for you. Our team of more than 50 search marketing experts shares the most important news that attorneys need to know about online marketing and web technology from recent weeks….

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