Pay-per-click Advertising Service for Law firms


While SEO services are focused on long-term success, PPC (pay-per-click) is focused on driving traffic and leads in a short amount of time. While neither is “better” than the other, SEO and PPC have different end goals and work best when a strategy is created that involves them both not only these two traffic sources, but all other as well.

This being said, PPC services can be the game-changer in your marketing efforts that you need to start getting the visibility and the leads your firm needs and deserves. With the increasing number of people searching for legal services online and on their phones, PPC is key in a successful, well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

With great advantages come great challenges, however. Where there are fish, there are sharks, and knowing that prospects are researching their best legal representation options online, there are many law firms that are bidding for their piece of the PPC pie as we speak, making the competition fierce. Diving into these waters without proper preparation can cause unnecessarily expensive results with little effectiveness for your firm, meaning lost dollars and lost potential business.

Want to make sure you pick the right service vendor check out our vendor comparison checklist by downloading the resource below:

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If you want to learn more about PPC you can read our Pay per click Guide . There is no need to embark on this journey alone. Your personal team of PPC experts is just within reach and would be thrilled to guide you along toward your next big growth milestone in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible.

To quickly name a few areas your PPC team will work through:

  • Focusing on the right keywords.
  • Reaching your target audience.
  • Conveying a clear message within the advertising.
  • Managing the bids and budget.
  • Retargeting campaigns.
  • Implementing a social media ads campaign.
  • Optimizing your LSAs (local services ads).

As a Google Premier Partner, we take pride in the results we have generated for our PPC clients and would be happy to jump on a call with you to go over how we would help your firm meet its goals as well. Schedule a call with us to learn how high ROI rates are a click away!

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