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Your Law Firm Can Dominate. Here’s How.

Cut Through The Noise. Win More Cases.

You’re not just practicing law. You’re here to make a real difference in people’s lives. But if those in need can’t find you, how can you stand for them? It’s time your firm took center stage.

Introducing Consultwebs: Your Unfair Advantage

Since 1999, Consultwebs has been the secret weapon for law firms ready to leap from the sidelines to the spotlight. We make sure when someone needs help, they find you first.

“We saw a marked increase in the cases we were getting off the web. I like to get at least 6-times my return, so if I spend a dollar, I want to make six. But with Consultwebs, we were constantly doing between twelve and fifteen dollars to every dollar we spent. […] If someone were thinking about hiring Consultwebs, I would tell them, ‘Do it now, do not put it off because you’re costing yourself money.’ – Ken Hardison

What We Deliver:

  1. Cases, not just clicks: We’re laser-focused on one thing – getting you cases. Real, winnable cases that grow your firm.
  2. Tailored tactics: Your firm is unique. Your market should be too. We craft strategies that fit you like a glove, ensuring you stand out where it counts.
  3. Data that drives decisions: Every move we make is backed by solid data. We don’t guess; we leverage strategy based on proven results. And we make every dollar work as hard as you do for your clients.
  4. Partners, not providers: Your success is our success. We’re in this for the long haul, building relationships and results that last.


Hear From Those Who Are Now Leading

“There is no doubt that the help that they have given us has led to an exponential growth of my practice; in fact, my practice has grown each and every year since we started working with Consultwebs.” – Phil Ryan

“With Consultwebs, it’s not just me worrying about how many people come in the door. They’re there as well. They have been so responsive…and since I’ve started with Consultwebs, the revenue has tripled, so it’s really been an incredible experience.” – Leigh Daniel


Dive into our case studies to see our strategy in action. From tripling caseloads to dominating competitive markets to connecting multi-million dollar clients with law firms, we lay out our blueprint for success. Explore our case studies here!

Here’s The Plan:

Pillar One: Foundation For Growth

In the legal field, visibility is the precursor to victory. The journey with Consultwebs begins by constructing a robust digital foundation that elevates your firm’s online presence.

Our initial focus? Driving your firm to the forefront of those seeking legal assistance.

This phase is about laying down the digital infrastructure that not only increases your visibility but actively starts enhancing your caseload. Through a website that is as visually striking as it is functional, along with targeted SEO, compelling content, and strategic PPC and digital advertising campaigns, we ensure that when relevant potential clients are online, they find you first – and are compelled to choose you for their legal needs.

View Our Law firm Web design Portfolio

Pillar Two: Diversifying Strategies, Expanding Reach

Once your law firm’s digital foundation is solid and the caseload begins to stabilize, it’s time to shift gears from foundational work to momentum. This phase is all about deepening and diversifying your marketing efforts to capitalize on the stability you’ve achieved.

Consultwebs is committed to guiding you through this pivotal phase, understanding that sustained success in the competitive field requires evolving strategies and effective implementation.

Strategic Expansion for Sustained Success

Your journey with us will be marked by objective milestones of success, each one building on the last. As we celebrate each achievement, we evaluate new avenues, channels, and strategies that can continue to propel your firm even further. It’s not about moving away from what’s worked; it’s adding more case-driving tools to your arsenal.

  • Expanding Your Strategy: Think of it as upgrading your marketing suite. Just like a winning legal strategy adapts to new information, your marketing efforts adapt to your growing success. Adding to your strategy means enhancing what works with additional, complementary efforts that can capture a broader or even more specific audience, depending on the practice area and market, and engage clients more deeply.
    The firms investing in more than two marketing campaign upgrades with Consultwebs see 3X the cases compared to those with 1 upgrade and over 18X compared to those not upgrading at all. Check it out:Results of firms investing in more than two marketing campaign upgrades
  • Tailored Growth Plan: Every step forward is taken with a tailored plan that fits your firm’s unique path to success. It’s about smart growth – identifying new opportunities to increase your firm’s visibility and influence without losing sight of the core values and strategies that got you there.
  • Partnership and Growth: Our commitment is to your firm’s success. Expanding your marketing efforts with us is not just about investment; it’s about investing in your future. We’re here to guide you with each new step designed to solidify your presence and authority in the legal market, bringing a continuous stream of clients to your door.

Pillar Three: Sustaining Success Through Strategic Accountability

As your firm reaches new heights of market leadership, our focus intensifies on the third pillar of our approach: ROI Accountability. This pillar is about embedding a culture of precise measurement and continuous enhancement and improvement within your digital marketing efforts, ensuring every dollar invested works towards amplifying your firm’s caseload and overall success.


ROI Accountability – The Engine of Your Growth

  • Advanced Analytics & Performance Tracking: We employ cutting-edge analytics and performance tracking tools to peel back the layers of your marketing efforts, revealing the impact of each campaign and initiative. This transparent approach allows us to refine strategies in real time, ensuring they’re always aligned with your firm’s growth objectives and market dynamics.
  • Holistic Leads Analysis: Our comprehensive leads package goes beyond mere numbers. It evaluates your firm’s presence across all key marketing channels – local search rankings, site traffic, social engagement, and advertising performance. This panoramic view ensures you’re not just competing but leading, turning potential market gaps into opportunities for caseload expansion.
  • Seamless Integration with Your Systems: With customizable dashboards that integrate with your CRM/CMS, we simplify the journey from lead to client. This strategic alignment streamlines lead management and follow-up, making every interaction count towards building stronger relationships and converting more inquiries into cases.
  • Expert Engineering Support: Our dedicated engineering team ensures your lead tracking system operates flawlessly, integrating lead vendors and optimizing your marketing infrastructure. This support eliminated technical hurdles, allowing your firm to focus on what it does best – winning cases and serving clients.

Ready to Ignite Your Caseload Growth?

At Consultwebs, every step we take together is designed with a singular focus: growing your caseload. From establishing a digital presence that attracts leads to becoming the indomitable legal authority clients trust implicitly, we’re here to ensure your practice not only grows but thrives.

Let’s start building your legacy.

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