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In one of the most competitive service industries today, many lawyers are asking themselves; “How can I market my law firm online?” and “How do lawyers get more clients?”. The answer; a digital marketing strategy that builds your brands and your book of business.

The list of tactics available to lawyers looking to grow their practice through digital marketing is endless. There are several benefits to digital marketing for law firms, however, without a consistently applied strategy, the work might outweigh the reward.

  • By focusing your digital marketing strategy on the four main objectives of legal marketing, Attraction, Conversion, Branding, and Delight, you can select your tactics more intelligently.
  • Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Digital Advertising (PPC), Social Media, and Content, are all essential tactics comprising a successful digital marketing strategy for your law firm.
  • With the ability to collect and interpret first-party data generated from digital marketing campaigns, lawyers can target their efforts through data, on audiences most likely to convert.
  • With billions of dollars being spent on legal advertising in the US each year, digital marketing strategy equips your law firm with the ability to track the efficacy and ROI of campaigns.

The difficulties arrive when those funding the marketing have to prioritize the activities; what do you do first, in what order? Let’s dive into Four Objectives of Legal Marketing, answer some basics about digital marketing, and explore tactics like SEO, PPC, Web Design, and connect them to digital marketing strategy for your law firm that expands your brands and gets the phone ringing.

Four Objective of Legal Digital Marketing

A marketing strategy for your law firm that’s focused on objectives like Attraction, Conversion, Branding, and Delight, ensures digital marketing activities cover a spectrum, not just a slice, of what’s required to be effective, drive leads, and grow your business.

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Marketing initiatives like digital advertising, lead gen campaigns, conversion-focused legal web design, and an engaging presence on social media, are just a few ways to fulfill the objective of Attraction.

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While most marketers obsess about driving traffic, few have a solid plan on directing that traffic into meaningful and measurable patterns of conversion. Intake optimization, strong CRM, establishing & measuring ROI, and creating nurture streams with related content are a few ways to focus marketing efforts and objectives on conversion.

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Dealing in the liminal spaces between promotion and perception, branding is an essential component of any serious legal marketing strategy.

Marketing initiatives like client experience optimization, SEO, evergreen content like case studies, and swag are all great ways to achieve the Branding objective. Your law firm’s brand is more than just unique colors and slogans. Over time, a brand becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality, and satisfaction in the consumer’s mind. Thus brands help harried consumers in a crowded and complex marketplace, by standing for certain benefits and value.

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Delight/ Loyalty

There are a ton of perspectives on marketing initiatives that inspire delight and loyalty in clients. Special partnerships that benefit clients, a focus on the client experience, solid service content, client gifts; all of these are fantastic ways to facilitate some delight in your marketing objectives. A lot of voices in marketing say focus on building loyalty and the new business will show up, and to a certain extent in legal services this is true, lawyers build relationships with clients.