Online advertising for Law firms

Online advertising Services for Lawyers

What does this all mean? And what’s in it for law firms like yours? Hang in there. We’ve got you.

Whether you currently invest in digital advertising services or want to, you’ll want to: 

  1. Get the most of every single dollar spent on advertising
  2. Be everywhere! Holistically, you’ll want to communicate with clients across different channels.
  3. Guarantee results, calls, and cases.

This is the Agile approach at Consultwebs

How Law Firms Can Be Everywhere With Internet advertising

Client needs aren’t fixed; they’ll constantly change their needs on the go. So, how do you want to deal with change? 

Road 1 – Retreat and stick to the familiar road 

Road 2 – Adapt and respond to change 

We’re guessing you want the latter, and we couldn’t agree more! This is the road toward Agile.

There are many advantages of Online advertising at Consultwebs. Overall, you’ll be:

  1. Getting rid of the fear of losing money as you continue to invest in marketing 
  2. Responding to change rather than following a rigid linear plan 
  3. Guaranteeing the best results because your budget is being actively allocated where it’s giving you the best results 
  4. Exposing your firm across a diverse number of channels, thus expanding your reach.

Online advertising Platforms for Law firms

  • Google
    • Search Ads
    • Local Services Ads
    • YouTube
  • Meta
    • Lead Ads
  • Digital Audio
  • Retargeting

What Online advertising for with an Agile Approach Means for Law Firms

We cannot count on highly-complex services like advertising to repeatedly give us the same results. This is why the best kind of Marketing is not only data-driven but also responsive, AKA Agile.

Agile digital marketing strategies

Here’s a scenario where you can see Agile in action:Agile facebook campaigns case study

The Traditional Waterfall versus the Consultwebs Approach 

In today’s data-driven world, Agile marketing is the most profitable option for your dynamic digital advertising campaigns, but there are other options. 

Let’s quickly take a look at the traditional Waterfall versus Agile approach.

Traditional waterfall versus agile approachAs you invest in digital advertising campaigns, you’ll quickly find that the most profitable ads are as unique as a fingerprint and should be 100% tailored per objectives. Because no two firms, and specifically no two campaigns, look-alike it’s best you opt for a service type that’s focused on highly-dynamic businesses: 

Waterfall vs agile tablet view


Why Adopt the Agile Online advertising Approach with Consultwebs?

If you’re wondering how Agile will impact your firm’s business we’ll start by saying: be prepared to handle more cases! 

You can also expect: 

Great customer satisfaction 

– All your campaigns lead to the same road: your clients. Because we’re honing your marketing campaigns based on real-time campaign performance, market conditions, trends, and results, you can expect happier clients.

Maximizing your ad spend

– There are times when money needs to move around to get you the most bang for your buck, and this is one of those cases. With Agile, your budget is actively reallocated where it’s giving the best results, thus maximizing your marketing dollars. 

Capitalizing new advertising platforms

– Where are your clients finding the most valuable legal content? The answer is: it depends. Perhaps one month, they’ll react better to your LSA ads, and other times they’ll respond better to your Facebook ads. Whatever the case, with Agile, you’ll open the door on more than one platform!

Increasing your brand recall, visibility, and leads

– Ever remembered a brand because you saw them everywhere? It’s possible through Agile as it focuses on setting up multiple campaigns on multiple ad platforms. 

Greater ROI from short-term sales activation 

– Agile focuses on shorter planning cycles, and you’ll quickly know it’s working when you see more leads.

Peace of mind! 

– Ultimately, you will guarantee a good night’s sleep while making money! There will be a team behind you quickly and efficiently shifting strategies and funds to get you the best results.

Online Advertising Works in Your Favor 

  • Do you want to be everywhere? 
  • Do you want to shift strategies to meet your client’s ever-changing demands quickly?
  • Do you want to get the most out of your advertising dollars?  
  • Do you want to accomplish all of this without the headaches? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are…Agile is for you!

Do you have any more questions? Want to know more about Agile? Curious to know what Agile would look like for your firm? Schedule a 1-1 with our sales consultant Sam Polesak.