Types of Law firm Video Content

Guide to top video formats for law firm marketing on a tablet.

Which videos are your law firm competitors using? Read to learn more about the must-have video types that make a difference. 

So your law firm is hesitant to adopt video into their marketing strategy

Well, consider this: did you know that the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video content? 

And, not only do internet users spend more time on a website with video, but they’re also more likely to find the website to begin with. Research shows that by including video on your website, you’ll have up to a 50x greater chance of ranking organically. 

Law firms possess the unique opportunity to utilize the power of video for establishing trust and credibility with potential clients, but seizing this opportunity is entirely up to you! In this post, we’ll delve into the top types of videos your law firm should be incorporating into your marketing strategy. 

The 5 Video Formats your Law Firm Should be Using

Client Testimonials

Let your satisfied clients be your loudest cheerleaders.

Client testimonial videos can be the secret ingredient to establishing credibility and trust with potential clients. There’s nothing quite like hearing real-life success stories from satisfied customers to demonstrate the value of your legal services.

A well-crafted client testimonial will be succinct, genuine, and focus on the client’s personal positive experience working with your firm. 

Here’s an example of a Consultwebs-approved testimonial: 

About Us Videos

‘About Us’ or ‘Introduction to the Firm’ videos are typically featured on a law firm’s landing page, which means they will be among the first things clients see when visiting your website. Our advice? 

Make it count. Use it as an opportunity to humanize yourself. 

An engaging ‘About Us’ video can create a meaningful connection with potential clients. Highlight the most important things you want a client to know about your firm. Whether that be your firm’s values, mission, or the team behind your legal services, your goal should be to provide a glimpse into the driving forces that set your practice apart. 

Legal Explainer Videos

If you choose only one video avenue to ongoingly invest your firm’s time and resources into, we recommend legal explainer videos. Explainer videos are rapidly growing in popularity (especially among younger audiences) and are convenient mediums to build and grow your firm’s brand. 

 Explainer videos come in two primary flavors: short form and long form. 

Short-form legal explainer videos (under 60 seconds) are well-suited to social media platforms like TikTok, where users seek quick, flashy, and informative content. 

If you’ve ever stepped your virtual foot into #LegalTiktok, you’ll find many attorneys offering insights into legal news stories and pop culture events, reacting to viral videos from a legal perspective, or answering fun legal hypotheticals. To give you an idea of the quirky subjects attorneys are covering, we’ve seen topics like: 

  • Strange state laws you probably didn’t know about
  • What do you do when the police tell you to unlock your phone?
  • Illegal questions for employers to ask during a job interview 
  • What to do if you’re involved in a hit-and-run? 

On the other hand, long-form videos on platforms like YouTube provide an in-depth exploration of legal topics. This allows viewers to gain extensive knowledge on specific legal subjects.

If you’re looking for a good example of what a long-form legal explainer video might look like, we recommend checking out LegalEagle’s Youtube channel. LegalEagle is a popular attorney YouTuber that made a name for himself by attempting to give viewers “an insider’s view into the legal system.” His brand is focused on making the law layman accessible, with an often humorous or quirky angle. 

His videos focus on everything from recent legal news developments: 

To covering fun topics like whether ghosts are legally real (surprisingly, the answer is yes!):

Insider tip: Crafting the right explainer video series in particular can require research, time, and preparation. Check out our tips on how to approach this process here


Interested in educating your clients while giving your fingers a break from typing? FAQ videos might be the answer. 

FAQ videos are the perfect way to address commonly asked questions about your legal practice or area of expertise. Not only do they save you time by reducing the need for repeated explanations, but they also help establish trust with potential clients by demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of their concerns.

Types of questions often addressed in FAQ videos include:

  • Fee structures
  • The legal process for specific cases
  • What to expect during a consultation
  • Common misconceptions about your area of law

Recruiting Videos

What better place to showcase your firm’s culture than by creating recruiting videos that humanize your firm and tell prospective employees what it’s like to work there?

Okay, so recruiting videos aren’t directly related to marketing your firm to clients – but they are an excellent tool for marketing yourself to prospective attorney applicants

Part of building a law practice worth marketing is attracting the best talent possible so you can competently represent your clients. And you can’t attract the best talent if your personal injury firm looks like every other personal injury firm!

As a former attorney, I can testify that many small to midsize law firms are superficially indistinguishable from one another. Even if you’re not working in big law, billable hour requirements and salary brackets tend to be similar. Therefore, where an applicant chooses to apply comes down to cultural differences. 

You can use recruiting videos to:

  • Share insights into the firm culture and work environment
  • Include interviews with current employees discussing their experiences
  • Highlight company events and team-building activities

This will help attract top talent who share your firm’s values and vision, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your law practice.


Incorporating video into your marketing strategy helps build trust and credibility, and keeps you in tune with the evolving preferences of today’s tech-savvy clients. Jumpstart your video marketing strategy with this 8-point checklist toward video marketing success.