The Best Ways for Law Firms to Generate More Business

Explore top growth strategies for law firms against a sleek, modern cityscape backdrop.

The business of law is slowly but surely shifting from a labor-intensive to a tech-driven workforce…and this is an excellent thing for law firms! 🤑Discover the best ways to secure your lead pipeline and generate more business here.

The smartest firms are trying to find ways to remain recession resistant. A new study by also saw the country’s top firms gearing up for a different kind of tech-driven work with the help of M&A involving technologies like blockchain and Web 3.0. 

By now, you may be asking yourself, ‘what does that even mean?’ We’ve covered everything law firms need to know about Web 3.0 here. But in short, this means more firms are beginning to invest in technology that will facilitate their entire business process, one of those processes being the lead generation strategy. 

The lead generation strategy for law firms is to attract possible clients (prospects). Typically, this involves a mix of various sources like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, etc., driving traffic and pushing that traffic down your sales funnel.

Before diving into the lead generation strategy, let’s quickly look at the concept behind leads.

Securing the Leads = Securing the Sales Pipeline 

Leads are those found in the middle of your sales funnel:

Attract, convert, close, delight flowchart

Getting a stranger to shift into a lead takes time and effort, but when done right, it’s rewarding! Since leads are at a critical stage of your sales funnel, you want to nurture them to convert them to customers and promoters.

You can expect 2 types of leads:

  1. Qualified leads – a prospect that matches your ideal client profile (needs, budget, legal services, etc.)
  2. Unqualified leads – a prospect that does not match your ideal client profile.

It’s worth noting that attracting both types of leads is normal. (As you grow, you’ll learn which strategies work to attract qualified leads, and you’ll be able to replicate that.)

When done right, you can expect the following:   

Benefits of lead generation

Now that you’ve wrapped your head around this concept, let’s dive into the strategy..

The Best Lead Generation Strategies for Law Firms

The following are 5 solutions that law firms of all sizes and practice areas can use: 

1. Optimize your web page layouts for conversion 

Your website is like your home, and you want cases coming in through your doors, which is why the first thing is to have a website optimized to convert leads.

We could list hundreds of ways you can optimize your pages, but here are some ideas:

  • Use simple language, avoid legalese and legal jargon 
  • Keep the copy visually appealing by adding bullets….like this!
  • Add a mix of images and videos 
  • Add call-to-actions 
  • Above all, provide value 

If you want, you can go deeper and improve the page speed. This is critical and often overlooked by many, but the first five seconds of page-load time has the highest impact on conversion rates! Here’s a free manual that’ll help out:

Download My Page Speed Strategy

2. Leverage the power behind CTAs

CTAs, call-to-actions, prompt user action, and while this seems like a small step, it can make the most significant difference in your marketing strategy: from campaigns, emails, blogs, to videos and contact forms. 

Once a user lands on a specific page, you want them to take action, e.g., download, call, book, schedule, etc. To help you get started, here are some of the best power words:

  • Free
  • Download
  • You
  • Easy 
  • Best 
  • Now 
  • Exclusive 
  • Proven 
  • Expert / Insider

3. Set up an Agile Digital Advertising Strategy

Besides optimizing your website, one of the quickest ways to boost lead generation is through the Agile Digital Advertising approach at Consultwebs. It has proven to be quite successful for firms because it involves:

  1. Setting up multiple campaigns on multiple ad platforms.
  2. Using your advertising money in the smartest way by shifting strategies and funds where trends and data suggest your firm gets the best results.

While no two firms are alike, you can get an instant ticket to the top of Google through Google Ads and LSAs, local services ads. Like this:Local service ads for personal injury

Taking a closer look at the case of the personal injury and bankruptcy firm Amourgis & Associates shows how the combined efforts of SEO and LSAs boost their bottom line. 

Organic leads and cost per lead bar graph

  • The firm’s cost per lead decreases over time 
  • The firm’s number of leads increases over time 

Read the Rest of the Case Here 

4. Update Ads With the Best Keyword Strategy 

With Google Ads, you’ll instantly place your firm in front of prospects searching for solutions. You can add a keyword intention to your ad texts to boost your chances of being found and chosen.

Keyword intention uses keywords in your ads to connect with people searching for what you offer. 

Let’s say you’re a personal injury firm advertising accidents and injuries. You could add a keyword insertion code like {KeyWord: Accidents}, and Google will then replace this code with one of your other keywords in the ad group, for example: 

  • Slip and fall accident 
  • Car Accident 
  • Construction accident 

5. Offer a FREE Consultation 

There’s a reason the word free is so powerful – people love free stuff!

The reality is that most of your website traffic won’t convert on their first visit, but with consistent marketing, they’ll keep you on top of mind when and if the time comes. 

Free consultations can add excellent value upfront. Here’s an example from the firm Amourgis & Associates:

Legal services websiteTakeaway 

The most profitable and recession-resistant law firms are securing the lead pipeline. But, to attract and nurture leads, you’ll need to upgrade your monthly lead generation strategy consistently. 

If you’d like to leave all of this in the hands of experts or want to find out more – schedule a 1-1, and we’ll answer all your questions