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Meta verified benefits and challenges for law firms with consultwebs.

Benefits and Challenges for Law firms Meta has been offering content creators the opportunity to get verified on both Facebook and Instagram for a while now. That blue checkmark the influencers you follow have on their profiles? That’s the mark they get once they are verified. How do the[...]

Smartphone with facebook login screen, set against a blurred backdrop of blue digital data.

Social media advertisement is the backbone of the modern ad landscape. Over 9 million businesses are currently advertising on Facebook alone, and almost every business (big and small) is active in the social media “ad scape” in one way or another. So, what happens when the way social media ads w[...]

Facebooks covid-19 relief: ad credits, cash grants, with consultwebs logo.

Many companies are taking steps to help out business in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – recently we covered the Google Ad credits – and now Facebook is stepping up as well. According to this post from Facebook: “We know that your business may be experiencing disruptions resulting fro[...]

Guide to managing negative facebook reviews for law firms, featuring consultwebs.

Facebook is an important tool for law firms when it comes to online marketing strategies. With an optimized Facebook presence, you can connect with your community, keep people up to date on your business, drive traffic to your website, and spotlight why potential clients should choose you over compe[...]