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Why More Law Firms Are Diversifying their Marketing Investments to Boost ROI Today, we often hear the concept of 'diversifying,' but what does that mean in marketing?  Diversifying marketing strategies is the new power tool of many law firms. These firms are the ones currently dominating the di[...]

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Proven Family lawyer SEO Results How are family law firms staying ahead of the curve in today's legal arena? Read the before and after case of a family law firm's digital transformation here.   [caption id="attachment_1497496" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Bar Graph of who manages website c[...]

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The Before and After of a Criminal Defense Law firm SEO Campaign Find out how one of our criminal defense firms is doing after partnering with Consultwebs. Here are some highlights:  In the first year, the firm increased leads by 74% They secure some of the top keywords in Las Vega[...]