An Expert’s Guide to Mastering Social Media for Law Firms

Where do law firms stand when it comes to social media? 

Let’s see. 

Social Media Statistics for Law firms

Today, social media for law firms goes beyond a ‘nice to have’ and has quickly become a critical part of a law firm’s image and overall marketing success. Many are doing so in a fun, out-of-the-box, creative way. See this sample of a law firm working with Consultwebs

Law firm marketing meme

At Consultwebs, we have a team of leading experts helping law firms like yours to:

  • Enhance brand visibility
  • Engage and build on community 
  • Share information but also be out-of-the-box creative
  • Showcase expertise
  • Foster relationships 

One of the leading experts behind awesome, engaging posts like the one above is Consultwebs social media coordinator Paige York. She leads a social media team that creates engaging social content, manages posts, and effectively networks with audiences across various client social media platforms. 

She’s a creative force who also creates art, writes novels, and attends comic conventions. Can she be any more incredible?! 🎉In the LAWsome podcast, she dives into the latest news in social media, e.g., Twitter’s change to X, proven strategies for law firms, and more. You can take a deep dive here:

But if you’d like a recap – we invite you to read ahead. 

The Social Currency You Should Care About →  Attention 

Often, many businesses lean into marketing investments, thinking there is a one-to-one attribution to ROI. Still, the smartest, most profitable businesses know that marketing is a complex (not complicated) interconnected network of strategies all working together to boost your bottom lines in some shape or form. 

So, where does social media stand? 

It helps you grab people’s attention. In other words, people pay attention. 

As Paige reiterates, Paige's opinion on Social media

People do not want to hear a sales pitch 24/7; it puts them off. If you want to build trust and foster a sense of connection, it must be genuine. This brings us to say there are two strategies around social media that law firms should steer away from:

  1. Focusing on sales pitching on socials alienates people and, ultimately, disengages them from further interactions. 
  2. Sharing external links to, e.g., your website isn’t that favorable to social channels, as one of the main goals behind any social platform, whether that be X or LinkedIn, is that these platforms want you and all users to stay on their platform. 

There is a time to sell, and there is a time to add external links. This is why it is important to hire a professional team that knows these small yet critical nuances behind marketing. 

Social Media Strategies and Metrics for Law Firms 

Building on your firm’s brand and overall reputation circles back to the same denominator – your local community. Here are some ways: 

  1. Local targeting in specific geographic areas  
  2. Sharing client testimonials 
  3. Offering a free workshop partnered with another business, organization, etc. in your community 
  4. Creating interactive content, e.g., polls and surveys. People tend to love two-way dialogues.

There are countless of creative social collaborations for law firms that should be tailored to your firm’s unique strategy, but you can start here.

The other side of the coin is measuring. 

We’d like to take a strong stand and say that law firms shouldn’t shy away from marketing metrics! According to Paige, this is where you can start: 

  1. Listen and learn frequently – what is your marketing manager sharing? Do you understand it? If not, that’s okay! Ask as many questions as needed; they are there to support you. 
  2. Check your analytics frequently. 

For the latter, we’ll give you 2 tips: 

  1. Invest in a platform that’s 100% designed for law firm data visualization like LawEval. 
  2. Download your marketing metrics checklist here 

You Don’t Have to Build Your Firm’s Community Alone 

As Paige says, “Being in social media, for as long as I have, you learn to experiment, trial and error time and time again since it is constantly changing.”

This is why community is critical, outside socials too! Thanks to incredible people like Paige, you do not have to do it all alone. 

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