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Holiday marketing ideas for your law firm

Embrace the Holiday Spirit to Boost Your Law Firm's Marketing Did you know that law firms who engage in holiday marketing see a significant increase in client engagement and referrals? Let's explore how you can leverage this festive season to your advantage. As the holiday season approaches, [...]

The tiktok ban. Adapt to a changing social media landscape with confidence

Adapt to a Changing Social Media Landscape With Confidence Discover how your law firm can confidently navigate and adapt to the shifting social media landscape in the wake of the TikTok ban, unlocking new opportunities for digital engagement and client growth. We’ve previously released a blog [...]

The power of social media collaborations

The Power of Social Media Collaboration for Law firms Are you looking for a way to boost your online presence and get noticed by potential clients and peers in your industry? Look no further than LinkedIn! Did you know that a whopping 87% of law firms with a social media presence are leveraging [...]

How law firms can conduct social media background checks legally

You no doubt know about criminal background checks, drug tests, and credit history checks for employment, but have you heard about social media checks? Let's start by saying that it's a real thing in today's hiring process!  Today’s hiring managers are looking beyond resumes and typical backgr[...]

Tiktok for lawyers tap into the new market and expand your firms reach

Tap into Tiktok to expand your Law firm’s Reach TikTok is creating a buzz in the world, and by now, you've probably heard of it through viral challenges, dance videos, and even the once-famous discussion around banning the app in the United States! The latter never came to be, and in fact, TikTok[...]