Month: June 2018

online reputation management for lawyers

Handling your reputation online is the new PR - clients are in control of public perception of lawyers and word of mouth referrals are results from experience. How can you handle negative reviews online? How can you create a reviews and ratings fly-wheel into your process, and why you have to take c[...]

lawyers & love

On the show today we dig into a few articles from Above The Law and BCGSearch, we talk about love, law and life balance with Texas Trial Attorneys Taly and Mark Thiessen, we also take a short diversion into beer coozies and marketing, and we place our guests under questioning with 10 Questions we As[...]

the write stuff legal writing and law/life balance

In this episode we talk about legal writing fundamentals, learn why every lawyer is a professional writer, and discover the single biggest barrier to effective written advocacy. We also discuss Life/Law balance and learn about the clash between “working” and “living” in both Canada and the U[...]