Accident Data Center Services

The Accident Data Center (ADC) is a comprehensive resource that provides information about car accidents and traffic collisions in the United States. It provides detailed information about each accident, including the location, time of day, road conditions, and contributing factors.

ADC is not: 

Why Should Personal Injury Firms Leverage ADC? 

Accident Data Center is a free resource for anyone looking for up-to-date and accurate information on recent accidents across the United States. 

People that have been in a vehicle accident are likely to call the police, inform their insurance company and… hire a personal injury firm!

How Consultwebs Can Help Your Personal Injury Firm Leverage ADC:

  • Improve your firm’s SEO as it increases your website’s organic search rank in urban and suburban areas.
  • Promote your firm’s services and overall brand.
  • Improve search results throughout your firm’s legal jurisdiction and geographic area.
  • Provide potential leads as you’ll connect with a market share that probably needs your services. 

What Personal Injury Firms Can Expect From Consultwebs ADC Services: 

The ADC service provided to an individual Consultwebs client law firm includes the following benefits throughout client sponsorship of a specific geographic area:

  1. A banner ad that appears at the top of the page for all ADC pages in the geographic area being sponsored (typically a Nielsen DMA or counties within a DMA). This banner ad will be seen by visitors to ADC looking for accident information in the geographic area being sponsored.
  2. Backlinks are included from ADC to the client law firm. The backlinks are from relevant geographic location-specific ADC content to target pages of your website and/or visible links on ADC pointing to your blog entries and other pieces of content. 
  3. Completed forms from visitors asking for legal help in the sponsored geographic area will be forwarded to your firm with visitor contact information.
  4. Monthly analytical reports will be provided for full transparency. 
  5. Recommendations will be provided to enhance ADC backlinks’ effectiveness with your firm’s website.

Please note: 

The ADC service is exclusive to one or more of the client law firms in the geographic area being sponsored. There are no competing ads from other legal competitors or any other advertisements on ADC pages for the geographic area, nor will any non-Consultwebs client sponsor a geographic area already sponsored by a Consultwebs client.

How We Hope to Help #1: Increase Your Website’s Organic Search Rank 

We’ll link your firm’s website with ADC in the geographic area you sponsor. 

  1. Google search associates your firm’s website with your firm’s location. Once you’re linked to ADC, your ranking will be raised, especially with distinct communities in your area. 

Your website will boost its search rankings in Google when linked with ADC through our backlink strategy.

How We Hope to Help #2: Promote Your Brand 

Promoting your firm through exclusive advertisement for local accident searches. This means no other firm’s advertisements appear on the site in the area you sponsor. Here’s a sample:

How We Hope to Help #3: Provide Potential Leads 

When visitors click on your banner advertising, they’ll be sent to your firm’s website. Because users in ADC most likely encountered an accident, there’s a high chance these leads are qualified and most likely turning into cases. 

Accident Data Center is the money-making resource personal injury firms need. If you’d like to find out how we can get started, schedule a 1-1.