Roadmap to Choosing the Best Local Law Firm SEO Agency

Guide to choosing the best seo agency for lawyers, featuring a consultwebs logo.

Let’s not sugarcoat it – the legal industry encounters some of the most intense competition in both the physical and digital fields. 

As reported by the ABA, 87% of respondents confirmed their firms maintain a digital presence, and this number is predicted to rise continually.

As more law firms elevate their online marketing strategies, the challenge becomes clear: how can your firm reel in a more significant portion of potential clients? 

The solution…  lies within SEO or search engine optimization.

SEO enhances a website’s visibility when users search for services akin to your offering on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. 

In the legal industry, law firm SEO refers explicitly to optimizing a law firm’s website. This approach paves the way for improved organic rankings, leading to a higher probability of driving more visitors to your site, converting them into inquiries, and, ultimately, gaining more cases. In essence, think of it as your digital equivalent of the traditional Yellow Pages.

Contrary to some beliefs, optimization continues beyond including relevant keywords on your site. It’s a far broader concept. For a grand slam in the SEO game, law firms need to integrate:

  • Exceptional content
  • Robust link-building strategies
  • Seamless user experience (UX)

While countless SEO tactics are available, such as incorporating SEO elements into your blog, the key is to start small and build gradually. By fully embracing the potential of SEO, your law firm can anticipate the following:

  • Wider user reach
  • Generation of high-quality leads
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Optimization of PPC campaigns
  • Staying ahead in the competitive landscape

Impressive, isn’t it? 

With the strategic application of SEO, your law firm can emerge as a significant player in the digital arena. Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to delve deeper and prepare your firm to make waves in the digital sea of competition.

Decoding the Essence of SEO for Law Firms: It’s All About Your Clients

The burning question: why is SEO for lawyers generating such a buzz? 

What’s the significance of optimization for the legal industry? 

Let’s view this through a different lens: your potential clients.

ImagineKim”, a potential client searching for a reliable estate planning firm to manage her investments, taxes, and overall estate. She’s sought recommendations from her trusted friends and family, noted their suggestions, and now wants to do her research. So, she grabs her smartphone and…can you guess the next step? 


She ‘Googles’ it! She’s aiming to authenticate the referrals from her contacts.

The crucial question is: will your firm surface in her search results? 

More critically, will it appear on the first page of Kim’s search? 

And if she clicks through to your website, will her user experience be seamless? 

Firms must be discoverable where their prospective clients are looking, predominantly online. Here, SEO shifts from being a luxury to an essential.

Recall the earlier ABA statistic indicating 87% of firms possess a website. Interestingly, less than 20% of these websites are fully optimized. This optimization includes incorporating elements such as:


  • Community updates
  • Profiles of paralegals
  • Informative guides
  • Staff bios
  • Legal articles
  • Updates on legal matters

Wait, there’s more. 

Beyond delivering quality content, firms must lay a strong groundwork by integrating elements that improve and facilitate the user experience. This process includes technical SEO aspects like:

  • URL structure
  • Page titles
  • Alt text
  • H1 tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Keywords

If this all sounds a little technical, let’s break it down with an example from one of our client’s websites where these vital SEO components are effectively implemented:

*Note: Alt text, sometimes known as alt tags, is the descriptive text that appears in place of an image if it fails to load on a user’s screen. It’s not visible in this instance because all photos are loading correctly.

Your firm can excel with a solid SEO strategy, possibly exceeding that 20% mark. However, law firms must extend their efforts beyond their legal practice and into digital marketing to achieve this. This leads us to the next question.

How Can Attorneys Select the Right Local Law Firm SEO Agency for Their Firm?

As we move to the next stage: selecting the finest in legal SEO, it’s somewhat paradoxical that the answer begins with asking questions. It’s critical to vet potential agencies for two main reasons:

  • Confirming the agency’s expertise in SEO, particularly within the legal industry.
  • Ensuring the agency has an updated understanding of law firm marketing.

Start this process with self-reflection: “What do I aim to achieve with an SEO strategy?”

Seo strategy elements

Moreover, it’s advisable and beneficial to pose questions to the potential agency law firm marketing. Doing this before deciding on a law firm SEO agency is essential, as not all are designed to cater to your unique objectives. So, to assist you in this process, we’ve compiled a FREE query checklist to better understand the agency and your firm’s current standing. 

Seo agency evaluation checklist Seo agency law firm ownership

Securing Your Firm’s Winning Streak in the Digital Landscape

We’re closing in on the finish line! 

Whether you’re a “major league” firm or a smaller one striving to stay in the game, you can disrupt the competition by joining forces with experts. 

And believe us when we say staying in your comfort zone will not give you the success you want to achieve.

That’s where we step in, assisting you in advancing from any base straight to scoring a run. With us, you’ll cover all your bases without breaking a sweat. Allow us to explain further.

At Consultwebs, we’ve been in the digital marketing field for decades, dedicating 110% of our efforts to law firm marketing. Our team of legal SEO professionals excels in every facet of legal SEO, from the creative to the technical aspects. We consistently operate within the most competitive niches in law firm marketing, including:


But let’s shift the focus from us to you. 

Let’s discuss what you stand to gain from a partnership with us. We recognize the need for an agency that comprehensively understands and tailors a strategy fitting your firm’s objectives. For instance, a law firm specializing in personal injury law marketing for truck accidents will want a company that:

  • Customizes the SEO and related campaigns for truck accidents.
  • Grasps the nuances of attracting leads interested in this specific area of expertise.

So, what’s guaranteed when collaborating with us?

Your law firm will:

  • Enhance credibility and improve rankings
  • Acquire quality traffic and lead generation.
  • Experience a comprehensive SEO integration: local, off-page, and on-page
  • Maximize user experience.

What’s the most significant assurance? 

We consistently score wins without breaking a sweat. We’re the ones who will actively maintain your rankings, traffic, and leads. Take a look at the results this firm is acquiring with Consultwebs

Macbook organic leads analysis

Are You Prepared to Take the Lead? 

In the ultra-competitive arena of local SEO for law firms, aligning yourself with industry experts can ensure you’re fully prepared to conquer the field when it’s your turn.

As many law firms embrace the digital sphere and elevate their strategies, it’s wise to stay ahead and ensure you’re in a prime position to reap the benefits now and in the future.

While we’ve shared a wealth of optimization tips, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible. Are you ready to strive towards positioning your firm as a dominant force in both online and offline search engines? 

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