David W. Craig

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“I am very happy with ConsultWebs. Before I started with them, I was at the bottom of the first page, for most searches. Often I wouldn’t be found until the second or even the third page. Now I am always on the first page, on any key search. On the key searches for my area of practice, I am usually the first non-ad firm listed and usually listed on the local map as number one.

I focus on semi-tractor trailer wrecks and monitor the number of cases I get and the quality of the cases I get.

Certainly, the number and the quality of the cases have grown consistently over the past several years. My inventory value has grown as has the ROI. My revenue has grown since I started with Consultwebs.

Like any vendor, I am very involved with them and meet with them over the phone regularly. In addition, I meet with my rep personally a couple of times a year. By working together, we have accomplished a great deal and I have faith that we will only continue to capture even more of the market that I am targeting.

Over the past several years others have aggressively tried to knock us out of our top spots, but we have continued to dominate most of the search terms and types of cases we are pursuing. I believe that Consultwebs does a great job with SEO.”

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