Social media marketing for Personal injury lawyers

Guide to organic social media strategies for law firms, with interactive tablet imagery.

Social media marketing Case Study for Personal injury Law firms

Due to the continuous rise of the digital era, having social media platforms for law firms is one of the smartest and fastest ways to reach, connect, and interact with audiences.

While social media does not directly lead to more calls, it plays one of the most critical roles in your firm’s marketing ecosystem and helps establish your firm across different channels. 

As Paige York, law firm social media coordinator, emphasizes, “Social media contributes to law firm ROI by building and establishing an audience that feels like they know you and your brand.

Page york's take on social media for lawyers

Social media innovates how firms communicate with current and potential clients and significantly helps law firms to:

  •  Boost visibility
  •  Build trust
  •  Establish credibility
  •  Showcase expertise
  •  Strengthen branding

In this blog, we will feature a case study of a personal injury law firm from Atlanta, Georgia, that partnered with Consultwebs. To protect the firm’s identity, we will refer to them as ‘the firm’ throughout this blog post.

As a whole, law firms see tremendous organic success by expanding their investment in social media assets. While social media may not directly correlate to more leads, social media plays an integral role when paired with other channels like SEO and digital advertising.

We’ll dive into the specific later on, but to get started, take a look at the firm’s results here:

Social media strategy statsNow, let us see the firm’s practice area:

The Firm 

The firm handles a wide range of cases, including but not limited to:

  • Motorcycle accidents 
  • Car accidents 
  • Sexual assault and rape 
  • Jeep fires and explosions 

It can’t go without saying that these practice areas face stiff competition., So, what does this law firm do right??

Simple, besides diversifying their digital investments, one of the main strategies behind social media was that the firm chose to diversify its content.

To better understand how they did it, let us elaborate…

Before partnering with Consultwebs, the firm already had a reasonable social media presence. However, having a generic ‘one size fits all’ strategy doesn’t suffice.  The former strategy was missing out on:

  • Boosted posts 
  • Consistent posting
  • Brand identity with consistent colors, logos, slogans, tone of voice, etc.

These vital factors contribute to every law firm’s social media success, which helps boost a firm’s SEO ranking and website traffic, and overall pushes more users down the sales funnel to ultimately book a call. 

So, what did Consultwebs do to improve the firm’s social media?

We introduced them to new strategies to level up their brand image posting and combined that with other services like SEO to streamline the firm’s sales funnel in the most effective way.

Here’s how…

Doing Content That Works and Not Just ‘What It Used To Be Like’

Let’s be honest. Historically, sales in law have been pretty straightforward, based on traditional marketing strategies like billboard usage. Today, your prospects are searching for legal services in a different way, which means the market has changed.   

As gadgets like laptops, cellphones, tablets, etc. emerge, so does the nature of how the users shift. The key for your firm to stay relevant and updated is learning how to adapt to these changes.

Potential clients nowadays want:

Better experience: easy-to-navigate website and easy-to-comprehend content across all channels, including social media platforms.

Relevant content: timely content they can engage to, e.g., how do legal payments work? What is the process after booking a call with your firm? 

Responsiveness: Whether it’s through your website or any social media platform, your clients want quick and personalized responses. 

Authenticity: Social media is all about brand image and ensuring your firm marks a great first impression. This is essential as prospects want to connect with real, authentic people, not faceless corporations.  

Here’s where the importance of having a thought-leader and action-oriented law firm marketing agency is vital.

At Consultwebs, we highly consider these essential factors. 

We tailor the firm’s approach by consistently sharing their diversified content through: 

  1.  Posting short-form videos and long-form videos to convey complex legal concepts.
  2.  Living up to their mission through charity and volunteer work.
  3.  Explaining difficult topics by using informational posts, which also help build their expertise.
  4.  Humanizing their brand using relatable posts that users can engage with.
  5.  Leverages legal memes and going out of the box of the traditional ads to resonate with modern legal users.

Consultwebs is unafraid to go above and beyond to connect with the audience fully. We just don’t want your firm to be seen; we also aim for your firm to be understood authentically.

And we did exactly like that! 

As you can see here, just like us, the firm isn’t afraid to have a little fun 😀— and the audiences’ engagement reflects that.

Buffy vengeance facebook post

Truly, numbers don’t lie, and this result is not just a one-hit success.

Let’s take a look at the hard facts. 

The Power of Social Media to Your Firm’s Numbers

Engagement is one of the key marketing metrics of social media. Having a good engagement rate indicates if your social media effort is working or not.

To have a better grasp of how hard it is to get ave. engagement rate, let us take a look at the data 

The average engagement rates for videos online

Now, if you compare the numbers, the firm is way above the industry ave. with an outstanding 8.5% engagement rate over 2 years.

But their achievements do not end there. 

By diversifying its social media assets and social posts, the firm also sees a significant increase in all its other marketing channels, like SEO optimizations, which affect website traffic. 

Through the combined results, the firm has seen an increase in its monthly average cases and new case intake.

 Take a look at these data.

Securing the Most Calls and Cases Than Ever

Here, you can see the specific case acquisition, e.g., MVC (motor vehicle cases) and the firm’s general case acquisition, showcasing the firm is getting more calls and cases.

 The firm is acquiring more cases.

Monthly average bar chart 2022 2023

On a year-to-year basis, the firm’s monthly average number of cases increased by:

  • MVC (motor vehicle cases) – 27% more
  • Sexual assault cases – 164% more
  • Fall cases – 33% more

Aside from these incredible results, the firm’s NCI (new case intake) increases.

Monthly comparison 2021 2022

The Most Effective Social Media Strategy for Lawyers to Date

Here is Consultwebs’ secret sauce to social media success:

  • Start with the basics: Choose the best platform(s) where you want to invest your effort and money.
  • Have a clear understanding of your audience’s wants and needs: You can also do competitors’ research during this process.
  • Set your goals: Identify what you want to achieve. Is it to generate leads, traffic, or engagement?
  • Indulge in social listening: Learn what the legal community is talking about these days to stay updated and to know how they perceive your firm.
  • Post valuable content: AB tests different content types that align with your audience’s desires and needs.
  • Humanize your content: Showing and expressing your content using words that your audience can understand will create connections that only a human touch can provide. 

The Right Law Firm Marketing Agency You Can Count On

Social media continuously evolves and adds new features, so what can your law firm do to stay relevant?

Partner with the right law firm marketing agency that not only values your firm’s needs and wants but also works hand in hand with you to fully understand and navigate modern advertising in the legal world.

To help you decide, here are the 4 questions every law firm should ask a social media provider:

4 questions to ask your social media provider

We hope this information helps you in your social media marketing decisions. 

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