Painting a Moving Train: How Lawyers Will Stay Ahead of the Digital Curve

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Lawyers’ Digital Strategy 2024

Today, keeping up and navigating the complexities of digital marketing is like painting a moving train.


Dealing with something that is constantly changing can render decisions daunting. Some law firms might even wonder whether they are making the right decisions in their marketing strategy.

While some firms may question their strategies in this whirlwind of change, clarity and confidence in marketing shouldn’t be out of reach.  

In this article, I will walk you through the essentials that every law firm needs to stay on top of the legal marketing game. Stay tuned to learn about:

  • Navigating the complexities and changes of digital marketing today
  • Understanding the common concerns and misconceptions about legal marketing 
  • Discovering the key to maximizing brand presence and caseload 
  • Learning what comprehensive marketing for law firms is all about
  • Differentiating a single channel strategy vs. diversified law firm marketing campaigns

Let’s dive in…

The Latest Data on Legal Digital Marketing 2024

Before we discuss the nitty-gritty of legal marketing, let’s examine the latest data that can directly affect law firms today.

Legal marketing stats 2024

The Current Digital Landscape

I mentioned many law firms feel uncertain about their marketing strategies amidst the complexity of the digital realm and the pace of its changes — what’s causing these emotions?  

In my experience as the Director of Strategy at Consultwebs, the constant shift in where and how users engage online is one of the main reasons some firms feel lost. 

Take AI, for example. We had a client get a lead from ChatGPT. Someone typed their question in the AI chatbox asking for legal representation for their case, and our client’s firm name popped up in the results. The landscape of social media platforms is constantly evolving; search engine results fluctuate, and the presentation of paid advertisements varies across different platforms. It’s safe to say, the only sure thing is change these days.

Common Concerns or Misconceptions About Marketing

We have prospects and clients say things like: ‘Oh, SEO doesn’t work,’ or ‘Social media doesn’t work,’ and ‘Email marketing doesn’t work.’ That concept is that it just doesn’t work. The truth, though, is that it works very well when it’s done right. And when all of those marketing efforts are done right together, it does even more for a business.

The proof is in the pudding; check out this case study!

This is the data of a three-month comparative case study of 10 law firms from different practice areas that achieved a 32.32% overall increase in average leads after partnering with Consultwebs.

Seo budget impact consultwebs

In just three short months, these law firms started seeing the outcomes they were looking for. 

The Firms in the case study are investing in:

Digital marketing growth 2024

Uncover how SEO expansion pays off here!

This data proves that great results are possible when the marketing strategies are executed well and by the right people.

The Difference When SEO Experts Do the Job

According to research, the biggest challenge law firms face in their online marketing strategy is website optimization.

Digital marketing stats 2024

This is why 56% of law firms hire a marketing agency to handle their digital marketing.

However, who should you choose to partner with?

The quality of work varies across different levels. 

Take someone who has done SEO for a year; the impact of those efforts is very different from someone who has been doing it for 10 years or 15 years. It all comes down to the quality and having experts who understand how to work with different areas the right way. 

We’ve been doing this for so long now that we have a good idea of what works and doesn’t. Sometimes, though, you will do something, and it doesn’t work. The silver lining here is that you’re going to learn from it. Once you make your mistakes, make sure you note down what you have learned, adjust your strategy, and then move on. Doing it the right way and not cutting corners is how you get results. It does work. We see it work every day.

The Ideal Place for Law Firms to Start With Their Digital Advertising Strategies

With all of this evolution in search and digital, along with AI and other technologies, there is no ideal place to start. It’s more of just starting digital marketing. No two firms are the same where they are at. 

One might have great SEO but lack good social and paid visibility. Another might have excellent visibility from paid advertising but show up nowhere in local map results. The variations of this and the needs are always different. Your marketing strategy is going to be vastly different from that of a competitor as a result – there is no space for cookie-cutter tactics in digital marketing anymore. Especially for law firms. 

The key is comprehensive. You want to be in all the different areas and have complete visibility. If you leave social out, paid out, or SEO, you are leaving money on the table by not reaching your target customers where they are regularly. You want to take up as much digital real estate as possible. 

Think about it: what does a typical customer journey look like for your audience? Maybe they see an ad of yours multiple times. Then, they click on it to see why it keeps popping up. Maybe they see your brand again on a Hulu ad. Then they check out your socials and find a post particularly funny, so they give you a like and a follow. And then BOOM, the need for legal representation arises, and they know exactly who to reach out to because you were everywhere before they even knew they might need you. Take any of these channels away, and the impact on this prospective client will be smaller, and you potentially lost an opportunity. 

The key takeaway here is clear: comprehensive is the way to maximize brand presence and caseload today.

What is Comprehensive Marketing 

As we have been discussing, it’s not just SEO, PPC, or social media that drives a user to you. It’s a combination of different channels. 

Here’s another scenario to consider: a potential client first encounters your video ad on YouTube. Later, they spot your firm in local or organic search results. Recognizing your brand from the video, they feel more compelled to click. 

Adding to this, imagine they engage with your email marketing by downloading a resource. You then send a series of informative emails containing valuable insights, ultimately directing them to an article on your website. This sequence of touchpoints might be what ultimately convinces them to reach out to your firm. It can be argued that the more varied these touchpoints are, the better your shots are of closing a new client from your digital marketing efforts. Internet consumers don’t just stick to one website or app all day long – they surf the web in different capacities in their day-to-day. The more closely you can track them down where they are in their “natural habitats,” the more top of mind your firm will be. 

In marketing, being seen and recognized by potential clients is fundamental. Visibility ensures that a brand, a product, or a service is top-of-mind for consumers when they are ready to make a purchase decision, and you get that through comprehensive marketing efforts.

Now, you might wonder: But what about firms that are seeing great results in one particular strategy? Why would they even consider investing in other places if one or two areas are seemingly driving the bulk of business?

Here’s my advice on that: Like in investing, you diversify, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but double down on what’s working. You may also want to look into attribution and the messy middle. If you’re curious, find out more here. 

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Navigate Digital Marketing With Clarity Toward Your Goal

We talked about being in many areas and to wrap up I think It’s not just about who pays the most in these channels. The quality of the advertising, the relevance of the message to the target audience, and the engagement strategies employed are also critical to the success of marketing efforts. And some of this comes from working with the Consultwebs team doing these things for law firms. It’s a partnership, and that’s where the strength comes from. 

It’s time you get answers and a clear understanding of your marketing goals.

At Consultwebs, we’ve been in the legal digital marketing field for 20+ years, dedicating 110% of our efforts to law firm marketing. From creative to technical aspects, our team of experts excel at every aspect of legal digital marketing. We operate within the most competitive niches in law firm marketing, including:

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