Grant Brott

grant brott

As our Production SEO Director, Grant Brott coordinates with the other members of our Production Team to make sure our clients’ sites have proper SEO techniques applied to them prior to their launch. Grant analyzes on-page SEO, off-site SEO, local, site architecture, site speed, user experience and more to improve our clients’ sites before we launch them and allow our Digital Marketing Managers to run the clients’ ongoing marketing campaigns.

“Consultwebs is not a single person in their office or home. Here, we work together as a large team to create an effective, complete marketing strategy for our clients,” Grant says. “By having a team of skilled individuals all working together, we are able to bring everyone together for the best results.”

He also assists with guidelines and standards to keep our clients’ sites up-to-date and reflective of changes within the industry.

“I see Consultwebs as being a boutique-style agency in how we cater to our clients so individually. Unlike many other companies, where one account manager may handle dozens if not hundreds of accounts, we cater to each specific client,” Grant says. “Our clients will work with one main point of contact and have their own dedicated team working with them on their account, with each team member bringing their own area of expertise to help push the campaign forward.”

“No one handles too many clients. So, we can give great communication and apply far more digital marketing to a client’s business than many other firms can do,” he adds.

Grant lives in Rohnert Park, California. He has an Associates degree in Business Administration, and he is a certified Digital Marketing Professional. He also holds certificates in HTML Web Development and Small Business Management.

“Right out of high school, I joined the Marines. By the time I got off active duty, I was a Sergeant leading a team. This is where I picked up the habits of getting things done quickly and efficiently. It taught me much about working with and leading teams,” Grant says.

“Then, I started doing Web design and marketing and ran my own company for around nine years before meeting some of the team at Consultwebs and deciding to join them. That experience made the transition into Consultwebs very smooth. I was familiar with communicating with clients and working on sites already. So, it made for a good fit,” he says.

When he isn’t working, Grant’s son keeps him busy with soccer, swimming and playing video games (he wants to be a YouTuber when he grows up.) Grant competed on an E-sports team for the video game, Overwatch during 2019.

During September and October, you will find him in Halloween mode, building props and decorating for Halloween while managing Haunted House Startup his hobby website.


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