7 Marketing Insights for Wisconsin Lawyers

7 marketing insights for wisconsin lawyers

Whether it’s leading legal clinics with the Hmong population of Green Bay, running mock trials for high schoolers in Eau Claire, or helping veterans in Madison to understand next steps with estate planning, Wisconsin lawyers have a track record of advocating for their clients, both inside and outside of their private practice.

To enhance the legal services on tap in Wisconsin, we collected insights from our own exclusive work with law firms, the State Bar, and Wisconsin census and demographic data to create: 7 Marketing Insights for Wisconsin Lawyers.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this FREE Download:

Competition is Down

According to the latest ABA National Lawyer Population Survey, there was a drop in attorneys registered to practice in Wisconsin in 2018. Find out how big the drop is and how your law firm can take advantage of it.

Client Experience is Your Brand

Lawyers that focus on the experience of their clients and then engineer their marketing around promoting the experience, can easily outperform their competitors. We show you how.

The Wisconsin Lawyer Drought

While Milwaukee and Dane counties are chock full of attorneys, rural Wisconsin is experiencing a severe lawyer drought. We detail ways to expand your law firm’s brand, grow your business, and help deliver legal services to those that need it most.

Wisconsin Bar Association

By viewing your State Bar of Wisconsin membership as a partnership, you can attach your practice to something larger, improve public perception of lawyers, learn from a community, and leverage existing marketing efforts from the bar and turn them into opportunities for your practice.

Online Reputation Management

You can elevate your law firm’s site in search rankings, improve the public perception of lawyers, and market your practice with integrity and intelligence when you focus on online reputation management. We show you how to take control.

Demographics, Stats and WI Census

Wisconsin law firms that are serious about digital marketing already have blogs and social media – but finding shareable content can be difficult. Discover how marketing opportunities in publicly available census and demographic reports from the state can be a great way to build your brand and power your content with original research.

Focus on Specialities

As long as ethical advertising guidelines are observed, lawyers that use their websites to focus on sub-categories within their chosen practice area increase their chances of finding qualified potential clients online. We give you a template on building a focused page that converts.


Marketing your law firm can seem overwhelming, and indeed, the above list may either inspire you, or scare you, or both. There are marketing opportunities abound for lawyers in Wisconsin. When you can find ideas and processes you can believe in, getting the word out about your practice is much easier. Curious if Consultwebs can help your firm grow online? Reach out directly, follow us on social media, or subscribe to our newsletter!