3 Digital Marketing Tips for Lawyers Seeking Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Online

3 digital marketing tips for lawyers seeking tbi cases online

One of the greatest professional concerns facing personal injury lawyers today is an ever-expanding pool of competition online. By focusing your law firm’s digital marketing efforts on particular types of injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), you can stand out from your competitors online and establish a distinct presence in search results. Here are three tips for lawyers seeking TBI cases online.

Showcase Your Focus

Most lawyers know their ideal client; the one that signs up. Although you likely have several areas of PI represented on your website, and want to attract EVERY potential client with your services, showcasing your focus and dedicating a full section of your website to something specific, like traumatic brain injuries, is important for two reasons.

1) Increase visibility – Along with a balanced digital marketing approach to your law firm’s website, search-engine-friendly copywriting on a TBI page can dramatically increase your visibility to those searching the web for TBI legal help.

Consultwebs has tested and perfected the keywords, copy, and layout for hundreds of specialty-area pages for PI law firms across the country. We know how to focus a webpage in a specific way that can increase your site’s visibility and drive interested leads. Get our 5 Paragraph Template for a TBI Webpage as a FREE download below.

2) Decrease competitors – As we mentioned earlier, most lawyers just want the phone to ring, so they market themselves as the trusted expert in almost every type of injury case under the sun. By picking a few areas of specialization for your law firm, and building up quality pages that demonstrate this aptitude and ability on your website, you can dramatically decrease your competition.

Your competition is afraid to focus their marketing – so think of it this way; would you rather directly address an audience of 10 potential TBI clients, or yell at a group of 1,000 people that you take every personal injury case imaginable?

Focus On Web Design

While a beautiful, mobile-responsive website and first page Google results are a good omen for your law firm’s digital marketing future, it’s becoming evident that even these best practices are being bested. Once again, increasing competition in the online legal marketplace is overwhelming clients online. Too many options on Google can create “analysis paralysis.” With your website now focusing on TBI cases, you can further differentiate your firm by featuring one-of-a-kind creative assets relating to TBIs.

Feature Creative Assets

“Embracing Your Space” and “Fatal Thursdays” are examples of creative assets Consultwebs has developed for our personal injury law firm clients seeking leads for specific injury cases.

If you don’t usually go for frilly things or fancy gimmicks, you should remind yourself that your law firm’s website isn’t designed to sign YOU up as a client. Right now, the people searching for your firm are vulnerable and injured and that person needs your website to help them decide if they can trust you to help them get justice.

Clients don’t choose your law firm from a place of logic – the decision to hire a law firm involves more emotion than rational thought.

By creating a dynamic and well-designed resource page for a specific injury, like a traumatic brain injury, you are appealing to the potential client’s emotional and reactive nature. Compelling graphics that demonstrate the severity, scope, and statistics surrounding TBIs, mixed with quality copywriting, will generate more goodwill, trust, and interest in your firm than any “straight-shooting,” meat-and-potatoes presentation of the facts ever could.

If bad design or poor writing is keeping a potential TBI client from signing up with you, you owe it to yourself to focus on TBIs, feature creative assets, and create a TBI webpage with your client’s best interest in mind.

Write Your Copy For Conversion

There is no magic digital-marketing-silver-bullet that’s guaranteed to bring down high-value cases from the web. If you focus your digital marketing on TBIs, and bring TBI stats to life with creative assets, you still have to ensure the words on your TBI page are engineered to convert clients and be seen by search engines.

Below is a simple 5 paragraph template that can help your law firm write a TBI page that converts. Remember, this is just an initial framework to orient your copywriting efforts around TBIs. Once completed, this template can then be the foundation for your creative asset, showcase page, or other TBI advertising efforts your firm may choose to pursue.

5 Paragraph TBI Page Template

  1. Intro to TBIs and PI
    The intro should be short and to the point. Provide a brief definition of TBIs, give a few common causes for them, and state that a trusted legal opinion is necessary in such delicate cases.
  2. Localize The Text
    Mention your legal staff by name, the state and city your law firm is in, your history with TBIs, and any relevant awards or recognition your lawyers have received. End this paragraph with a Call-To-Action with your law firm’s phone number and contact info.
  3. What is TBI
    Here is where you can cite statistics on TBIs, gather facts on symptoms, and link the page with medical resources on recovery from TBI’s. Also list the long term effects and costs associated with TBIs.
  4. Causes of TBIs
    List the most common accidents, and acts of negligence, that can lead to TBIs. You increase your keyword reach here by mentioning other personal injury areas your firm covers.
  5. How your law firm helps in TBIs
    Detail the work that goes into investigating accidents, FAQs dealing with insurance companies, and ensure that clients know the ways medical assistance, treatment, and recovery will take place as they work with you. End this with another strong Call-To-Action with your number and contact info.

digital marketing tips for TBI cases online from Consultwebs
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In summary. . .

Your website is a billboard on the digital highways of the Internet, and potential clients are driving by at light speeds. By focusing on specific case types, incorporating strong visuals and thorough copywriting into your digital marketing campaigns, you can capture attention and drive high-value cases like TBIs to your site.

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