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Angela Tincher - 2008 USA Player of the Year, All-American, ACC Female Athlete of The YearDenny is the father and pitching instructor for 2008 College Player of the Year, Angela Tincher, who stunned the world in 2008 with a no-hitter against the U.S. Olympic Team. Together, they developed some unique approaches to softball pitching, and Denny has found these to be quite successful with other pitchers throughout the east. Denny, a graduate of Marshall University with a Master’s degree in communications, particularly enjoys the challenge of working with experienced pitchers who have reached a plateau and cannot seem to get to the next level.

In a sport where dominating pitchers tend to be well over 6-feet in height, people often ask us how a pitcher like Angela, just 5’7″, could pitch at speeds around 68-mph, achieve so much movement on the ball, and establish herself among the top pitchers in the college softball record books.  We call it the Tincher Maximum Energy Transfer System, a technique that transfers the body’s energy for the ultimate advantage on the mound.  It allows pitchers of average height to utilize their natural strengths, specific to the female body, in ways they might not have considered previously.  And, yes, for taller pitchers who feel there is “power left in their body that they just can’t unleash”, they are always surprised at how easy it is to make small changes that bring exciting results while pitching more comfortably.

The goal is to help your pitcher discover ways to pitch much more smoothly, lengthen the stride, engage the legs more fully, and enjoy safe and healthy pitching mechanics that lead to more power, greater endurance, and more dramatic movement pitches.  Can the Tincher Maximum Energy Transfer System work for you?

Here is what people are saying about working with Denny:

“Denny Tincher came to New York for a three day pitching clinic with the Ulster Fillies organization.  We had 16 girls present from all of our age divisions.  He introduced a new pitching program that visibly improved performance through sound fundamentals and good mechanics.  It also made our pitchers more efficient in the process.  He was absolutely amazing.  This organization and its pitchers can’t wait for his return.”Anthony Cruise, 14-U Coach, Ulster Fillies, Kingston, New York.

“I have taken my daughter to camps, clinics, and lessons across the mid-Atlantic and can honestly say that Denny Tincher is the best instructor we have been fortunate enough to work with. His many years of experience have given him a special insight into the mechanics and fundamentals of pitching and he does an excellent job of relaying that knowledge to his students.”Craig Thompson, Bristol, Virginia

Denny Tincher instructing softball pitcher“A unique approach to the art of pitching, Coach Tincher not only demonstrates the correct fundamentals, but he teaches the reasoning behind it in a way that pitchers can understand. Small adjustments are made that make a great improvement in pitch speeds and movement.”Sheri Carneal-Coach, Virginia Rowdies Gold

“We can’t thank you enough for the time, patience and instruction you gave our daughter. It soooo surpassed our expectations. She’s very excited about her new techniques. We are still in awe over the amount of instruction you could relay in a few hours.”Mitzie Larsen, Vienna, Virginia

“I am very excited about the progress that my daughter has made with her pitch mechanics working with Denny.  He challenges conventional wisdom and teaches a delivery that maximizes velocity and spin.  At the same time it is a more natural motion and is far less stressful on the body than the traditional “closed” delivery taught by many today.  He also made an instant connection with her and she really looks forward to her sessions with him.”Dave Hoover, Clemson, SC

“From the way you teach to the respect you show our daughter, you have made her want to become the very best pitcher she can be. The instruction time is intense, specific, and fun, all at the same time. We have found that our 1 or 2 day sessions every 4-6 weeks are doing more for her than working with a local pitching coach 2 to 3 times per week. It is well worth our time and money, and, more importantly, she looks forward to her sessions with you.”C.D. & Patty Hoskins, Charlotte, North Carolina

“After only one meeting with Denny, my daughter’s performance on the mound has improved dramatically and her confidence is soaring.  She is enjoying the game, again, and has a renewed dedication to improving her pitching skills.  Denny’s hands-on approach, effective instruction and genuine encouragement combined to be the vital keys that turned her from being just another pitcher in the rotation to the go-to girl that is now attracting the attention of several college coaches.”Gemie Kohler, Chandler, Arizona

“Denny has shown my daughter a new and much improved approach to her pitching. After 4 years of pitching, she has finally started to do things mechanically sound rather than just “quick fix” solutions to problems that arise. She is now building on a sound foundation of good pitching mechanics. Thanks for all of your help.”Jerry W. Moorfield, Danbury, North Carolina

“Coach Tincher is a great instructor. Since becoming a part of my daughter’s pitching development, with his unique techniques for different pitches, she has increased speed, and the movement on the ball is fantastic. Coach Tincher can catch little problems that I don’t see. My daughter has a very good rapport with him. All of this is very important to grow in my opinion, We look forward to each time we are with him.”Arthur Ferguson, Erwin, Tennessee

There are several ways Denny Tincher can work for you.

Coach Denny Tincher instructing a fastpitch softball pitcher1-Intensive one-on-one sessions. These have proven tremendously successful. Often pitchers travel very long distances to work with Denny, and he wants to make sure to pack in a lot of training in a short time. These sessions normally last 3-4 hours the first day and 2-3 hours the second day. These sessions are jam-packed with fundamentals, drills, proper use of muscles and leverage points, theory, increasing speed and power, developing appropriate breaking pitches for the pitcher’s style, build, and personality. These sessions are held in Roanoke, Virginia, or nearby.

2-Intensive one-on-one sessions in your town. Gather two, three, or up to five serious pitchers and secure an indoor location for the weekend. Denny will give you two full days of fastpitch instruction, and you can choose the amount of time each pitcher will need each day.

Denny Tincher coaching an up-and-coming softball pitcher3-Pitching Clinic. These are restricted to a 4-hour radius of Roanoke. These are a great way to help build your programs. Denny will bring assistants so that each pitcher gets individual instruction.

If your daughter brings a great attitude and willingness to learn, and if she is a good student in school, we would enjoy working with her. We feel both are extremely important qualities for a successful pitcher.

For more information, contact Denny Tincher at 540-960-1750, or e-mail:


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Denny provides 1-hour, one-on-one sessions weekly in Roanoke, VA;  monthly in Richmond, VA and Bristol, TN. And, has regular stops in many other areas. Email us for scheduling information.

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