How Consultwebs Improves The Workday Of The Law Firm Marketer

In-house law firm marketers are some of our biggest fans.

By working with us, they can:

  • Delegate workload and free up time to focus on their most important activities
  • Utilize an expert team without the cost of hiring them in-house
  • Keep the firm’s leadership up-to-date with helpful reports
  • Drive new leads and cases by outperforming competitors
  • Show a great ROI from the web

We bring them results, and work very hard to make sure they look like nothing less than geniuses for hiring us.

We work with law firm marketers to come up with an online strategy, execute it, and take care of all the details. When you are a client of ours, we keep regular communication with you to keep you up to date on what we’re doing, and to get your input to help us be even more effective.

Some of our most successful clients have in-house marketing people that want their firm’s websites and online campaigns run effectively and efficiently. They don’t want to spend their time writing web content, building local citations or trying to improve their website’s link profile.  They have other issues to address, projects to plan and efforts to execute.

If you’re a law firm marketer, let’s face it. You’re responsible for so much! From managing your firm’s brand and all of your marketing activities to bringing in the leads that your firm needs to  keep doors open, you’ve got your hands full. Consultwebs can help you get more control, more time to focus, and more cases from the web.

Resources for Law Firm Marketers

We are dedicated to helping law firms and clients connect. Please feel free to check out the following resources to help your firm improve its web presence, its results and its ROI from online marketing activities.

A guide to help you evaluate your firm’s site and online marketing… Our team has compiled a self-assessment list of 34 important factors that you need to consider in terms of your firm’s web presence and performance. See where your firm is already on target, and what areas you can improve to get better results.
A free audit of your website’s performance… This easy analysis tool provides a general overview of your site’s performance, traffic, links, keyword presence, page speed, mobile optimization, user experience and more. It can flag issues that could be negatively impacting your Web marketing, and highlight areas for further analysis.
Law Firm Online Reviews Resource BundleTo help your firm get more online reviews… Always a challenge, and so critical, but this resource bundle can provide some helpful information, templates and items to consider for your review-gathering strategy. Help build a culture at your firm where reviews are a priority.
If you use a vendor for PPC… Check out these resources, our PPC calculator, and some important questions to ask your vendor. Often PPC means spending big chunks of your budget so you need to be sure it’s paying off for your firm.
To improve your local search listings… This helpful tool, powered by Yext, will help you identify inconsistencies in your business listings that can hurt your appearance in local search results. Get better visibility, more visitors and more prospects to contact your firm.

We have lots of other resources and information available for you too on lots of different topics. Please check out our resources page for free downloads and ideas you can use to get better ROI from your online marketing.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak with us about how Consultwebs can help you lead your firm to greater success online, please contact us. We’re available to speak at 1-800-872-6590, email us at, or submit a contact form through our website.

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