Top 5 Downloadable Law Firm Resources of the Year

Top 5

We have many valuable resources available on our website that are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to help get you more cases from the web. Whether you need help understanding pay-per-click, how to engage your audience with quality content, or how to gain more reviews, we have a resource available for you.

The following resources have proven to be the most popular so far this year. However, if you are looking for further help, please visit our resources page where you can find plenty more helpful guides.

Beginning with the fifth most downloaded resource on our site…

#5 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Law Firms

ASN_SEO_CoverPrepared by our SEO experts, this guide has it all. You’ll learn SEO best practices that are a must, as well as what you should avoid. This guide covers topics such as optimizing page speed, duplicate content, online visibility, site rankings, and more.

Not too far behind and coming in fourth place,

#4 A Lawyer’s Guide To Social Media

guide to SMIn our social media guide, we provide basic tips as well as tricks from the pros on everything from optimal posting time, proper image size, to content creation ideas. This guide also gives you numerous examples of posted content for fresh takeaway ideas for your own social media efforts.

This next resource has proven to be a very valuable one and has taken third place by more than double the downloads,

#3 A Lawyer’s Guide to Writing Online Content

This guide was designed to help you communicate effectively through your own voice. You will learn how to identify your audience, choose your topic, pick a headline and more, all while paying attention to SEO.

In second place,

#2 Client Review Resource Bundle

Review bundleIn this resource, we offer tips on how you can begin generating more online reviews for your law firm and how to respond to negative reviews. We also offer a client satisfaction survey and contact letter templates.

Finally, the winner and most downloaded resource on our website,

#1 Web Marketing Self-Assessment

SelfAssessmentPDFThis resource was designed to walk you through numerous areas of your marketing efforts to help you determine where your focus should lie in order to increase the cases you receive from the web. This guide is a valuable and thorough assessment that has proven to be very useful for a multitude of law firms.

We have many resources that will guide you through the steps of getting more cases from the web. Try the More Visitors, Leads and Cases resource to improve your visibility and increase your leads. If you’ve ever had trouble tracking your ROI, visit our Marketing ROI Calculator, a brand-new tool that will help you make important decisions about how you spend your marketing budget. You will also find another link while on this page to a resource that will help you boost your marketing ROI.

We hope you continue to find the resources we develop to be useful in increasing your knowledge and caseload.