The Four Objectives of Effective Law Firm Marketing

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Legal services is one of the most competitive industries in the country, so building a law firms book of business with marketing is an easy decision to make. The difficulties arrive when those funding the marketing have to prioritize the activities; what do you do first, in what order?

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The Four Objectives of Effective Law Firm Marketing

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By focusing on objectives like Attraction, Conversion, Branding, and Delight, legal marketers can segment their activities properly and ensure their strategy covers a spectrum, not just a slice, of what’s required to be successful in marketing.

Let’s explore these legal marketing objectives below and then discover how to bring all this back to your law firm.


Attracting new clients is really the raison d’etre for marketing. I don’t know exactly what that means, but I think I used it right, and now, I bet you want raisins. Anyway…

Marketing initiatives like digital advertising, lead gen campaigns, conversion focused legal web design, and an engaged presence on social media, are just a few ways to fulfill the objective of Attraction.

In regards to the other marketing objectives, and in relation to the marketing science supporting our Legal marketing Guide Guide, tactics focused on attracting new clients to your firm and increasing market share, are essential to the law firm interested in growing their business in a reliable, and healthy, fashion.

As we discover later, a legal marketing strategy that focuses a heavier percentage of effort towards attracting new clients, not solely towards creating a loyal customer base, stands a better chance, overtime, of reliably increasing caseloads.


While most marketers obsess about driving traffic, few have a solid plan on directing that traffic into meaningful and measurable patterns of conversion.

Intake optimization, strong CRM, establishing & measuring ROI, and creating nurture streams with related content are a few ways to focus marketing efforts and objectives on conversion.

Without a strong foundation on the systems and processes that convert leads, any efforts to build the book of business through sales will be exponentially less effective.


Dealing in the liminal spaces between promotion and perception, branding is an essential component to any serious legal marketing strategy. Marketing initiatives like client experience optimization, SEO, evergreen content like case studies, and swag are all great ways to achieve the Branding objective.

Your law firm’s brand is more than just unique colors and slogans. Over time, a brand becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality, and satisfaction in the consumer’s mind. Thus brands help harried consumers in a crowded and complex marketplace, by standing for certain benefits and values.

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There are a ton of perspectives on marketing initiatives that inspire delight and loyalty in clients. Special partnerships that benefit clients, a focus on client experience, solid service content, client gifts; all of these are fantastic ways to facilitate some delight in your marketing objectives.

A lot of voices in marketing say focus on building loyalty and the new business will show up, and to a certain extent in legal services this is true, lawyers build relationships with clients.

However, marketing science, like the 70+ years of research in Byron Sharp’s “How Brands Grow,” shows brand loyalty as a distinct force of profit or growth for a business is a fiction.

In regards to the other objectives of marketing, and in relation to the main goal of attracting more and more new clients, marketers should focus on Delight/Loyalty once they have a strategy and systems in place to deliver on the first three objectives.

In Conclusion

By focusing your marketing efforts around the objectives you wish to achieve, rather than the tactics you can use, the job of marketing becomes much more simplified and focused.

Rather than wondering if you need to jump on the latest bandwagon, or if you need to blog or podcast, or if you need to be on TikTok, the legal marketer that prioritizes their marketing across a spectrum of objectives, rather than slices of activity, is the one that will end up with the most pie at the end of the meal.

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The Four Objectives of Effective Law Firm Marketing