Legal Billboards On A Cross-Country Adventure

blank billboard

Have you ever gone on a cross-country adventure and noticed the wide array of billboard advertising? Driving from Florida to California over a three-day period provides a wide variety of billboards, some of which completely lack messaging.

During an extended drive such as this, you may notice that there never seems to be a shortage of legal billboards. However, it is apparent that billboard messaging has not evolved for the legal industry over time. Technology has come so far over the years, maybe it’s time to change how billboards are designed as well.

Law Firm Billboards – What’s Missing?

The first thing that stands out on a law firm billboard is the lack of a complete message. A giant headshot along with the following does not really provide enough information for someone who is viewing your billboard for a few seconds:

  • Hurt?
  • Accident?
  • Injured?
  • Hurt In An Accident?
  • Truck Accident? Call Now!

Countless billboards utilize the same ineffective messaging. There has to be a better way. After all, digital devices are able to portray relevant messages quickly and effectively in a matter of seconds. Consider removing the giant headshot from the billboard and utilizing that space for relevant messaging that would match the rest of your advertising. Consider wording such as:

  • Car Accident Lawyer – Free Consultation
    Call Now – 1-111-111-HURT

Perhaps keep some of those catchy words from the list above:

  • Accident? Injured? Take Action – Call 1-111-111-HURT

The above examples get your message across in a split second and provide the information that your potential client needs.

Billboard Messaging Done Well

Casino billboardsTwo different industries stand out when it comes to billboard messaging. Both industries in these examples use a series of billboards (or ads) that offer a great idea for law firms.

This casino has 3-5 billboards in a row leading up to an exit. They cover a variety of topics all within the same line of messaging that got the following points across:

  1. Nightlife
  2. Poolside Entertainment
  3. Luxury Accommodations
  4. Exit Now For Your Getaway

The example above shows dueling or complementary experiences using eye-catching colors and imagery to make the ads hard to miss.

Roadside standA farm stand, while not your traditional means of billboard or advertising, still grabs your attention and gets the message across. While these are not the fanciest signs, they relay an ongoing message to the customer of what the product is and where you can find it, versus what most legal billboards do with one quick incomplete message. For example:

  1. Fresh Fruit
  2. Fresh Vegetables
  3. Almonds
  4. Take the Next Exit

Roadside attraction Roadside attraction 2

A roadside attraction sign serves a similar purpose. It provides a clear and concise message in a quick manner. Examples:

  1. Local Jewelry
  2. Food Court
  3. Mystery of Aliens
  4. Restrooms

AC billboard

Billboard for A/C repair– Gets your attention, gets to the point, gives the customer the information they need right away.

Employment law billboard

Employment law billboard – This billboard has great use of whitespace and delivers a clear message, as well as the contact info needed.

Injury law billboard

Injury law firm – This billboard lacks messaging. Consider trading the headshots for other more important information that would be more eye-catching.

law firm billboard

Law firm billboard? That is one giant phone number! It’s not really clear who will answer the phone if you call the number, but perhaps you won’t forget it? Or maybe you already have?

pokemon billboard

Trending topic billboard – Consider the trend of the time when coming up with your ads, they are sure to attract attention, like this Pokemon ad.

Distracted driver billboard

Distracted driver billboard – The legal industry has its challenges when faced with producing attention-grabbing content. However, that didn’t seem to be an issue for this campaign for tailgating, which could easily lend itself to a great distracted driving campaign.

A Total Makeover

Billboards can be effective in conveying a great message about your firm and culture. However, if you stick to stale tactics while everyone else moves forward with more effective means of advertising, expect less impressive results over time.

Consider tapping into your social media and display advertising campaigns for billboard ideas. Connect with your advertising team to come up with a holistic approach that incorporates all of your marketing efforts, instead of letting a billboard company or a member of your staff design your billboard. Begin to think about your marketing efforts as a whole and how they can all work together to start producing more leads.