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Law firm marketing can create many hurdles for a lawyer to jump, in order to generate more leads and gain market share against competing firms. The problem is, most lawyers don’t know the competitive benchmarks, like market share, that could help them make smarter decisions building their book [...]

how lawyers will be essential to covid recovery

During the pandemic, “essential worker” has become a household term. Healthcare professionals, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, and many others have played a crucial role in keeping the country moving forward even as the majority of people were ordered to stay at home.[...]

four marketing objectives for law firms Consultwebs SEO

Legal services is one of the most competitive industries in the country, so building a law firms book of business with marketing is an easy decision to make. The difficulties arrive when those funding the marketing have to prioritize the activities; what do you do first, in what order? Listen to [...]

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[caption id="attachment_1153641" align="alignright" width="225"] Click to DOWNLOAD article PDF[/caption] Leads! That’s what marketing a law firm is all about, right? Calls and clicks that turn into cases ─ that’s all marketing is, right? So signing up for a lead generation service [...]