What Can Your Law Firm Achieve With an App?

law firm mobile app

If you have a unique idea for interacting with your audience or providing an educational resource, your best option might be to make a mobile app, also known as a web app, instead of just a standard page on your website.

Here’s why:

Mobile Apps vs. Web Apps

A mobile app enables your user to easily interact with your asset with a single tap on their home screen without having to use a search engine, type in the URL of your site, or remember where they’ve bookmarked it.

One technical advantage of mobile apps is that you can use the phone’s native functionality, like the camera and photo library, or notifications to send alerts to your users. For example, you could take advantage of an always-updating data API and send your users a notification if any information pertinent to them has changed.

According to Business.com, both mobile apps and web apps have their own advantages and can be used to complement each other:

“The web is for audience reach, and mobile apps are driving engagement from loyal customers. If done right, both are strategic and valuable. So when it comes to mobile, it’s not a question of web vs. mobile apps. It’s picking the right approach that will yield better results for your customers.”

Why WordPress Is a Great Option

WordPress powers 29% of all websites, and that number has only been increasing over the last several years, so there’s a good chance your site is already built with it.  In that case, why not leverage its content-management power to build a mobile app?

If your website is already built in WordPress, you have a leg up on creating a mobile app because your database backend already exists, saving you time on development. That database is where you will store all your users’ info when they sign up, and is easily accessible to your app via the WordPress REST API.

As an example, If your firm handles cases involving prescription drugs and medical devices, you could create an app that connects to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s drug and medical devices recalls API, and notify users if the medications they are taking have been recalled.

Using WordPress as the backend of your mobile app gives you the opportunity to create a cohesive mobile and web presence, because they will both be built upon the same base. When a user wants to access their information stored in your app, they will be able to view and interact with it on a desktop computer the same way they can via the mobile app itself.

Achieve Success with a Web App

When a user signs up for your app (and this applies to both mobile and web apps), you have the opportunity to increase your audience base for eblasts and other mass online marketing. In addition, the landing page on your website that links users to the mobile app on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store will get shared and posted throughout the web, increasing the visibility of your site.

Technology continues to evolve with a strong mobile focus. The creation of mobile apps has allowed people to rely on their phones for a multitude of different things, including unlocking their vehicle, to watching movies on-the-go. By creating an app that helps people, performs a task they use, or helps them think of things in a moment of crisis, you are setting yourself and your firm apart as experts in your field.

If you have an idea for how to reach your audience in a new, unique way, consider contacting us to help you with a creative project and mobile app!