Author: Monica Tarantino

Let's not sugarcoat it - the legal industry encounters some of the most intense competition in both the physical and digital fields.  As reported by the ABA, 87% of respondents confirmed their firms maintain a digital presence, and this number is predicted to rise continually. As more law fir[...]

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Take it from the experts - using video to brand your law firm doesn’t have to be complicated. Come on, let’s show you.  In today’s saturated legal market, it can be challenging to brand your law firm in a way that stands out.  Branding is all about creating a personality for your law f[...]

How to Build a Strong Legal Network for Your Law Firm Discover actionable tips to help you build a solid legal network and grow your law firm. While legal knowledge and experience are undoubtedly critical to success in this field, networking can significantly impact a law firm's growth and susta[...]

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