How to Use Video to Brand your Firm

Explore video branding with tools like clapperboards and microphones for businesses.

Take it from the experts – using video to brand your law firm doesn’t have to be complicated. Come on, let’s show you. 

In today’s saturated legal market, it can be challenging to brand your law firm in a way that stands out. 

Branding is all about creating a personality for your law firm. It’s the art of tailoring the way you present yourself to elicit an emotion from clients. Think of it as your digital fingerprint, the harmonious symphony of your firm’s ethos, image, and communication style.

There are quite a few avenues you can go about building your brand, like focusing on aspects such as:

  • Client interactions
  • Web design
  • Thoughtful blog content
  • Graphics

But perhaps one of the most efficient of these ways is undoubtedly video marketing for law firms. In fact, 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from the brands they love. That just goes to show how powerful video can be when it comes to connecting with your audience!

In this article, we’ll delve into the top 4 video strategies that can effectively help you brand your law firm. 

  1. Emphasize your Unique Selling Points

    What makes your firm different from the thousands of other personal injury firms out there? Before you make any video content, you should give this question some thought. One goal in video production is to identify and emphasize the points that set your firm apart. For example, your law firm may have a track record of successfully handling hundreds of cases of a particular type, specialize in a niche area of law, or have won substantial damages for clients in high-profile cases. Alternatively, you may want to highlight your firm’s culture of compassion and dedication, showcasing your attorneys’ commitment to making a positive impact on clients’ lives. No matter what makes your firm unique, emphasizing these differentiators through video can help you create a brand that stands out.

  2. Share Client Testimonials

    While we’ve discussed the importance of client testimonial videos in previous blogs, it’s worth bringing up again to underscore just how important they are. A well-executed video testimonial is more valuable than any one written Google review. Reach out to clients you know had a positive experience with your firm, and ask if they would be willing to provide a video testimonial.Here’s an example of an effective client testimonial video:

  3. Host webinars

    Surveys show that 73% of marketers believe that webinars are the best way to generate quality leads.
    Law firms can (and should) use webinars as an educational tool for their clients. By hosting webinars, law firms can create informative content that not only helps clients better understand complex legal topics but also positions the firm as an authority in the industry.
    Webinar lead generation stats
    Here are some pro-tips to help you get started:

    • Define the purpose and topic: Do you want to host a Q&A? Talk about legal challenges facing your clients? Discuss recent legal developments or rulings that may impact your audience?
    • Plan and promote the event: Your where is as important as your what. Today, Linkedin is the #1 platform for B2B marketing. On top of that, more than half (69%) of US users are on LinkedIn daily. 
    • Prepare and rehearse content: Lawyers are natural storytellers – you can enhance your webinars by focusing on the power of legal storytelling. Remember to also structure your content to allocate time for introductions, main content, Q&A, and closing remarks.
    • Engage and follow up with attendees: This is the key behind all webinars. You’ll want to encourage interaction with a Q&A session at the end. You can also capture attendees’ contact information for future communication to send follow-up emails, event recordings, and additional resources. 
  4. Recycle videos through social media

    Did you know that you can repurpose longer videos into bite-sized snippets for social media? Suppose you work really hard on a video. It’s informative, engaging, and captures the essence of your brand perfectly. But what happens after that initial burst of views and engagement dies down? 

    Don’t let that valuable content go to waste! By repurposing longer videos into shorter, shareable snippets for social media, you can extend the lifespan of your content and reach a wider audience over time.

    Learn How to Take Full Advantage of Your Media 


    By leveraging the different types of video content available, you can begin to carve out a unique and authentic brand personality for your law firm.
    To help you develop a successful digital branding strategy, we’ve created the “Video Strategy Checklist.This resource provides you with practical tips and expert advice on how to create effective video content that will help you connect with your audience and grow your law firm. With our checklist, you’ll have the guidance you need to start creating engaging video content that makes your firm stand out!