Help Us Help You with Your Law Firm Marketing

Help Us Help You with Your Law Firm Marketing

Our experience has shown us that clients who contribute ideas and information assist us greatly in the marketing of their firm.

There are many ways attorney clients can help their Web marketing vendors promote their practice. At Consultwebs, we observe that interaction between marketing team and client happening in a variety of ways.

  1. Have an online Web video conference once to twice per month to go over reports and goals, as well as to exchange marketing ideas.
  2. Schedule onsite visits once per year to review the firm’s campaign and goals.
  3. Provide data on the number of conversions and cases received from each marketing medium. The more we know about a client’s data, the better we can provide support.
  4. Share news surrounding the firm such as when an important case is settled, when a promotion occurs, when the firm announces a new hire or when an interesting local event occurs. We strategically decide whether the news should be featured in a blog post, shared on Social Media, announced in press release or other outlets.
  5. Organize at least two initiatives a year that are truly newsworthy. For example, offer a scholarship, buy iPads for an underfunded school or build a ramp for a disabled veteran. Activities, events, sponsorships, classes, lectures and ways you engage in the offline world can strategically contribute to online success.
  6. Share stories that your community cares about.  Stories about new laws, dangerous intersections or important events can turn into ideas that can be leveraged to promote your brand.
  7. Share testimonials, videos and photos of the firm’s activities and community involvement. All of those items go a long ways toward helping us present the firm to potential clients in a positive light.
  8. Sound the alert if you see an anomaly in your rankings. We keep clients informed on their rankings and the rankings of their two main competitors. If the firm sees an irregularity in their rankings, we are able to investigate and take needed action.
  9. Show interest in collected data. For Consultwebs, this allows us to have a discussion about how we have improved our clients’ campaign, and the lives of their clients.
  10. Attend lawyer marketing conferences. We appreciate clients that join us at industry conferences to be exposed to new ideas. Additionally, conferences are wonderful occasions to discuss new trends and how they will impact the future positioning of a firm.  Additionally, some organizations such as PILMMA have Mastermind groups that are very beneficial.
  11. Show interest in exchanging ideas. Our clients are welcome to let us know if they would like to meet and exchange ideas with our other clients.
  12. Share information pertaining to the firm’s culture. This information helps to garner positive reviews, among other benefits.
  13. Share feedback about the site you receive from staff, their clients and others.
  14. Let us know when competitors update their designs so we can stay one step ahead.
  15. Connect us with a local photographer or videographer to create the best branding experience for the firm.
  16. Utilize your site to offer information that is helpful to your existing clients such as resources for help with bills, medical information or transportation.  If there are questions that your staff often receives from clients, think about providing the information on your site to increase depth of your content.
  17. Recognize the different needs of your potential clients. Think about how helpful every page is to your potential visitors.  Help by relating key information about your clients and their decision process in selecting your firm.  What was important to them?  Review search engine queries with your vendor to ensure that your pages are the ones potential clients seek.

The bottom line: open lines of communication are a key to success. The more clients can tell us about their firm, their practice and their community ties, the stronger their campaign will be.

If we can provide additional information or be of assistance in your Web marketing, please contact us at or 800-872-6590.

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