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We are a law firm SEO agency with services designed for law firms looking for continual long-term growth. 

But before diving into technicalities, let’s paint the picture: Consider your law firm’s website as a lighthouse. You are emitting signals (through content, social media, emails, etc.) and offering safe harbor (your services). 

But is that enough? 

Unfortunately, without SEO, your lighthouse (your website) will be shrouded in fog and, thus, difficult to find. In short, SEO is the process that ensures you are seen and heard in the vast digital landscape.

Law Firm SEO Services at Consultwebs

At Consultwebs, we offer law firm SEO services that are tailored to the specific needs of your firm. Our team of legal SEO specialists is experienced in every niche of legal marketing and understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with SEO for law firms.

Take a look at the results of how our
SEO services work for many law firms just like yours.

If your law firm hasn’t been achieving your desired SEO results with your current agency despite all the efforts, let us share with you our straightforward guide to help you evaluate the situation independently. 

This guide includes:

  • 💡Tips and best practices for selecting the right SEO agency 
  • 💡The top 8 problems behind deceptive SEO techniques
  • 💡The top ethical SEO practices you should hold your agency accountable for 

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Expectations Behind the SEO Services at Consultwebs

Partnering with Consultwebs and being guided by our SEO services will bring your firm several benefits, including:

Enhancing and optimizing your website to appear in Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages)

Improving your firm’s acquisition of quality traffic back to your website

Implementing continuous keyword optimization

Focusing on Local SEO

Integrating Off-page SEO as well as on-page SEO 

Increasing your local traffic

Boosting your online reviews

Optimizing social media management

Creating a clear site structure and map to improve user experience on your website

✅And much more.

These are some reasons why more and more law firms are entrusting their marketing efforts, like SEO strategy, to marketing experts like Consultwebs. Take a look at this: 


By working with our team of law firm SEO experts, you can expect to see several benefits, including:

What does this mean? 

One of the key differentiators between PPC v.s. SEO for law firms is that once you hit that sweet spot and find yourself ranking through SEO, you can expect traffic to come rain or shine!  

Ultimately, we get it – you need to attract potential clients in your local area. 

Through our agency’s different SEO tactics, e.g., local SEO, you can expect your website to be refined with keywords that are relevant to your firm’s location and services. While we could name hundreds of best practices we implement on law firm websites, some prominent areas related to local SEO you can expect from us include:

Just take it from one of our loyal clients who experiences the best cost of acquisition they are aiming for by partnering with Consultwebs:

If you want to learn more about the top SEO strategies you should expect, the following printable 1-sheeter will help you take control of your SEO plan of action. 


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Our Unique Approach to Legal SEO at Consultwebs 

So, what sets Consultwebs apart from the rest of legal SEO agencies? 

Our team lives and breathes the legal industry. 

With over 20+ years, we’ve been instrumental in assisting law firms of various practice areas, e.g., personal injury, family law, criminal defense, etc., to secure top positions in search engine rankings. 

Our efforts have not only generated high-quality leads but also helped acquire new cases and enabled many to enjoy the fruits of long-lasting digital success. 

And that brings us to the next big question you might have. 

“When Can My Law Firm Expect Results from SEO?”

While this seems like a straightforward question, it’s laden with multiple factors that are in constant change. Consequently, it doesn’t lend itself to a single, definitive answer.

Embarking on a new SEO campaign requires considerable initial research. This foundational work involves redesigning your website, link building, and crafting an initial SEO strategy tailored to your specific needs

This process alone can span several months, although it’s crucial to note that this timeline isn’t rigid. One essential thing to remember is that while organic search results are highly potent, acquiring them is a marathon, not a sprint.

So to understand it better,  take a look at this case study about a personal injury firm that is partnered with Consultwebs. The firm sees an incredible result after using SEO and digital ads.

The firm is investing in: 

  1. SEO for law firms 
  2. Digital advertising on platforms such as Google 
  3. Local Services Ads

The law firm experiences a remarkable increase of 28.44% per year in leads while achieving a stable yearly decrease of 15.84% in its cost per lead.

And if you’d like to know the roadmap of this firm’s success – we’ve got it. 

For total transparency, we’re offering our entire onboarding process behind SEO so your firm can set expectations from the beginning. 

Download Your SEO Roadmap Here

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Thus, we’d like to empower your firm with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the maze of choosing the right marketing agency

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