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Clean, organized, and real-time data is one of the most important assets behind your entire firm’s success. Find out how to transform your firm with data you already have! 

A study on legal analytics behavior found that more than half of lawyers (66%) believe data makes them better and more informed lawyers. However, the majority of lawyers still need more exposure to data tools, as almost half (46%) of non-users are unfamiliar with available products in the market.

Before diving into the best part, let’s take a look at why data is so important for law firms today.

With the help of data, the most innovative firms are gaining competitive insights, learning from case assessments, etc.

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Overall, they are moving forward with the help of data-driven decisions rather than gut feelings. Take a look:

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As you can see, metrics provide law firms with a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to make informed decisions that drive business growth. To join in on the conversation and help you become a data-driven law firm, we’re launching one of the most powerful legal analytics tools in the market.

Introducing LawEval

Like any breakthrough, it all began with an idea. For Consultwebs, it was no exception. It started with the following in mind: offering a single standalone service that continuously monitors a law firm’s digital presence, and this is where LawEval comes in. 

LawEval is the one and only hassle-free all-in-one platform offering real-time data growth insights. specifically designed for all a law firm’s marketing needs. 

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The Analytics Module: Visualize Your Real-Time Growth

The Analytics module helps maximize your marketing dollars by tracking traffic and visitors. This is a central place where you can easily manage your marketing campaigns and digital ad spends. It offers data, metrics, and analytics from over 70+ vendors. 

Here’s a quick overview: Website analytics dashboard

Some features you can expect include:

  • View paid campaign results from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LSAs, and YouTube Ads 
  • View real-time traffic and visitor data from Google Analytics and other data providers
  • Access monthly reports so you can see your progress toward your targets
  • And more!

🎁We’ve got a gift for you!🎁 If you are part of the Consultwebs community, the Analytics Module is available for FREE if you’ve got an SEO or Digital Advertising contract.

The Performance Monitoring Module: Keep Track Without the Headaches 

There’s no need to go about your day with zero answers to important questions like: “How’s my website doing?” or “Are all contact forms working?” 

With the performance monitoring module, you’ll have hassle-free 24/7 monitoring of your entire digital investment. For example, you can have instant access to your firm’s page speed both on mobile and desktop, here’s a quick overview:  

Website performance dashboard

Some features you can expect include: 

  • Monitoring your online presence 24/7.  
  • Keeping track of your site speed and performance around key pages as well as overall
    averages through grade-level testing. 
  • Viewing historical archives of screenshots of your websites taken multiple times per day. 
  • And more! 

The Leads Module: Improve Your Case Acquisition 

Your entire marketing ecosystem is working hand in hand to get you more leads. But do you have answers to critical questions like “How many leads did I receive last month?” or even more specific, “How many leads did I receive last month and where are the majority of the leads coming from?” You can have immediate answers with the leads module. Here’s an overview: 

Lambda dashboard errors visualizationSome features you can expect include:

  • Real-time conversion and data from virtually any marketing channel (Google, Facebook,
  • Tracking the flow of leads from start to finish
  • Monthly reporting and trend alerts
  • And more! 

Never Lose a Lead With LawEval

Leads are the lifeblood of a law firm’s growth. Learn how to keep a watchful eye on your leads and convert them into paying clients with ease.

Why are leads so important? In short, without them, it’s really challenging to maximize revenue. and studies show the majority of marketers find this the most important goal behind any digital investment.

What is marketers most important goal?

Leads are an indicator that your process for building trust, credibility, visibility, and overall interest is working! But acquiring leads is only half the battle. In order to increase value, keep up with the competition and innovate, law firms must take advantage of their entire marketing asset; this includes looking into the analytics and data.

Previously, the American Bar Association found that “firms do not appear to be paying much attention to analytics data available to evaluate the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts.” But, luckily that is changing. 

The Top 10 Reasons Firms Track Leads

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Today, more firms are becoming data-driven as they are increasingly aware of the benefits and impact of data analysis. This correlates with the fact that there is a greater adoption, with a total of 68% of law firms using legal analytics– that’s a 7% increase over a year. One powerful platform making a mark for all legal professionals is LawEval.

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Why do Firms Invest in Tech Tools Like LawEval

The beauty of a legal analytics platform like LawEval is that it uses the data that you already have.

But what makes LawEval different from the rest? 

LawEval was designed from scratch by a team of engineers exclusively for law firms, and by a company that exclusively caters to law firm marketing.

It comprises 3 powerful tools:

  1. The performance monitoring tool
  2. The leads tracking tool
  3. The data analytics tool 

For example, do you want to know how many leads your firm had during X month? You’ll be able to view this in seconds. Here’s a sneak peek: Lead pie and line graphs in laweval

Explore the LawEval Modules Here

The Benefits of Using LawEval 

With LawEval your firm can expect: 

  1. Less time worrying about their ROI because you’ll have a better understanding of why the ROI is the way it is, and what direction to take to increase it. 
  2. Peace of mind knowing that you can log in any time to check the health of your digital assets, the life-cycle of the leads, and the website’s current rankings. In other words, simply sit back, relax, and let those notifications come to you directly! 
  3. Full control and visibility. Because the numbers don’t lie, you’ll know that what your marketing team tells you coincides with the real-time results you’re seeing. 

In the LAWsome episode ‘Law Firm Business Disruption, Tech, Data, and the Future of Law,’ America’s “techiest” lawyer, Anthony Johnson notes that tech tools like LawEval also provide law firms with:

  1. The freedom to focus on the most important elements; the client, the consultation role, the interactions, and most importantly the client journey. 
  2. Added value, and ultimately, you can expect to charge more for that value.

The Features Behind LawEval 

Each module has its own set of features. For example, with the Analytics module, you can look into traffic, rankings, and more. This module alone offers data, metrics, and analytics from more than 70 different vendors! Here’s another sneak peek: 

Laweval dashboard

All in all, LawEval’s 3 powerful modules are:

  1. Designed to be super easy to read and easy to navigate.
  2. Designed to cater to those who only have a minute to check them, as well as those who want to see every detail about their digital assets, lead sources, and marketing campaigns.
  3. Designed to be versatile and robust so that when a LawEval user wants to add a new feature, there’s a team of high-skilled developers supporting their integrations. 

If you’d like to fully dive in and explore the features, you can do so here:

Download the Ultimate LawEval Handbook

What Law Firms Think of LawEval

As LawEval rolls out to the entire law firm market, the pioneer firms opting for LawEval have their take on it: 

What firms are saying about laweval

LawEval: One Search and Done

When there’s money involved, you deserve to have answers to all your questions at all times, and that is essentially the beauty of this powerful legal analytics platform – one search and done. 

If you’d like you can take a deeper dive and discover more benefits and features behind LawEval:

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If you’d like to learn more about reporting strategies, and digital assets, or simply want to have a 1-1 with our sales consultant Sam Polesak – we’re here, let’s talk.