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To stand out among your competitors, your law firm needs a clean, well organized and compelling website. At Consultwebs, we understand that making your website distinctive requires having high quality, custom content that introduces your law firm to prospective clients and shows your depth of understanding of the law and the communities that you serve. Offering many types of custom content, Consultwebs highly qualified content team can deliver what your firm needs to find success online.

Our content team includes licensed attorney writers and journalists, who write and edit engaging content specifically for your law firm. This sets Consultwebs apart. You won’t find a stronger team of legal writers and editors anywhere.

The custom content we produce includes substantive blog articles, authoritative web pages, creative assets, specialty eBooks, press releases and social media postings all tailored to present your firm’s values and expertise. Well-written, high quality web content enhances both visitor experience and search engine rankings. Engaging content is more shareable through social media and more likely to attract links. We know how to put the Web to work for you and bring clients to your door through law firm content marketing. Please feel free to download this resource we prepared with free tips on content and on-page optimization. As well as our free e-book, A Lawyer’s Guide to Writing Online Content.

Vital web content – connecting lawyers with potential clients

Your website is the window through which potential clients view your law firm. It’s imperative that you engage visitors to your site, demonstrate your expertise and values, and generate prospect calls and email contacts. It’s equally important that your website be highly visible to help you build your practice. This is where Consultwebs delivers results.

Our Content Team works in collaboration with our consultants and designers to craft content that highlights your practice areas, describes your community involvement, showcases your client testimonials and notable achievements and explains how you can help clients. We do this while keeping in mind the importance of producing high quality text that helps boost the visibility of your site on search engines.

All members of our content team have received certification under the Google Analytics Individual Qualification program. The quality content we produce is tailored specifically to your law firm and is unique, which also is important for search engine optimization.

With all the content we craft, we take every opportunity to explain the reasons why potential clients should hire you. In the end, that’s the true measure of your web marketing efforts—the cases you receive. We recognize that.

Our Content Team, is composed of award winning lawyer-journalists who know the law – and how to write about it in a way that captures the attention of your prospects and underscores your command of your area of practice.

The web content services at Consultwebs include:

  • Practice area pages — Authoritative practice areas pages display your knowledge and command of the law and help a prospective client understand why they are best served by contacting your firm.
  • Blogs — Regular blogging on topics relevant to your practice areas by Consultwebs’ lawyer-writers provides fresh content to your website, increases viewer traffic and enhances the authority of your website. Fresh, engaging blog posts get shared through social media and that can extend your reach and bring you links.
  • Videos — Consultwebs works with videographers and studios in your area to script and produce web videos that introduce your law firm to clients.
  • Attorney Bios – Clients want to get to know their attorney. Well-written biographies allow prospective clients to learn about you and your legal qualifications and values. Biographies personalize a law firm. Bio pages are among the most frequently viewed pages on law firm websites, and often provide your first opportunity to establish authority and develop trust with new prospects.
  • Press releases — An informative press release distributed online by Consultwebs can help your law firm receive publicity for notable accomplishments and civic activities.
  • Social media — Being active on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ increases your law firm’s name recognition, enhances search engine optimization and brings word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Breaking news — Significant decisions by courts and government agencies can affect your law practice. When the Consumer Product Safety Commission announces a product recall or the FDA issues a safety alert about a dangerous drug, the Consultwebs’ Content Team can get that information published on your website quickly to reach those who may have been harmed.
  • Ebooks — Specialty products such as eBooks provide an opportunity to educate prospects and clients about issues that may arise in a given practice area. They allow longer engagement with prospective clients and a chance for them to print out helpful information that keeps your law firm’s name at the forefront when they are making a hiring decision.

We have produced substantive content across dozens of practice areas, including personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, bankruptcy, criminal defense, estate planning, DWI, employment law, Social Security Disability, workers’ compensation, veterans’ benefits and zoning law, maritime law and administrative law.

Our focus is high quality content that emphasizes your firm’s expertise. The quality of your website content is one of the quickest ways that a potential client will evaluate your services and skills. It’s very important that you make a positive first impression. Our content team – described by one client as “smart, creative and responsive” – is ready to collaborate with you on this quest.


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