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Is your law firm’s website and Internet marketing campaign effective?

Consultwebs can help you answer that question with a professional Web campaign audit. The recommendations offered through a Consultwebs audit can help you meet your long-term marketing goals and increase the number of prospective clients visiting and converting from your law firm’s website.

Our customized audits can be as general or detailed as your firm desires. Our rates start at $250 for basic audits, depending on the number of pages on your website and the depth of required information. We offer a free self-assessment tool to get you started on some of the basic elements of law firm web marketing. For a precise quote and a full list of deliverables, we invite you to contact our team.

Many of our audits include an assessment of the current standing of your site, search marketing focused review of your legal site’s content, a detailed look at how well suited your site is for successful law firm seo and online marketing in general (including site coding), analysis of your link portfolio, review of your top competitors and an appraisal of your social media positioning. Our audits can uncover problems and issues with your site that may be keeping it down in search engine results, or providing for a poor user experience. Based upon your goals and desires, we can customize the audit to focus on specific areas or analyze your site overall.

We have provided audits to several leading law firms throughout the U.S. as well as for the American Bar Association’s website.

Every Consultwebs audit is thorough and detailed, but presented in a way that is easy to understand, regardless of the extent of your technological background. Our audits provide specific recommendations to improve your Web presence.

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