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Law Firm SEO

Optimizing an attorney website for search engines is a critical part of any law firm’s marketing strategy in this digital age. We know every firm is unique.  Consultwebs does not employ a one-size-fits all strategy to our campaigns.  Instead, we tailor every campaign we manage to the each firm’s needs, goals, market and brand.

As digital media continues to eclipse the old stalwarts of television, print, and radio as the most important advertising format, law firm SEO (search engine optimization) becomes ever more indispensable.  Even more important than including SEO as an integral part of your marketing strategy, is working with a company that understands marketing for lawyers, inside and out.

Traffic Report For Law Firm SEOGone are the days when marketers broadly targeted audiences based on common denominators such as time slots and subscribership. Advertisers today can hone in on prospects with a level of precision that makes Mad Men look like amateurs. Aided by technology, advertising is now done in real time.

But while the rise of the Internet, Google, and screen culture have laid the groundwork for this marketing revolution, the engine that makes it run is still people. Consultwebs recognizes this and emphasizes talent working seamlessly with technology to develop strategy and provide unprecedented legal marketing results. To get a better idea of how your firm is doing with its online marketing efforts, download our free self-assessment pdf or other resources, or get free tips on law firm SEO.

What is Lawyer SEO?

Lawyer Search Engine MarketingAsking 100 search engine marketing professionals, “What is SEO?” might very well produce 100 slightly-different answers. This speaks to the nuance and ever-changing landscape of the industry.

Non-SEOs generally understand that search engine optimization is the science of getting webpages to appear at the top of search engine result pages for particular search terms. But attorney SEO is an art as much as it is a science, and expert practitioners must have creative as well as technical skills.  SEO is one of the ways to feed the top of a law firm’s client funnel to get more visitors, more leads, and more cases from the web.

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Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO For Law Firms

Despite what less-scrupulous online marketing companies might tell you, there are no “hacks” or shortcuts to creating pages and sites that obtain a high ranking and hold onto it. Consultwebs knows that success online takes strategic planning, creativity, high-quality content and lots of hard work.

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Elements of Proper On-Site Optimization For Law Firms

On-site optimization analysisSearch engine optimization is not merely a technical process, but ensuring the technical health of a site is part and parcel of successful SEO.

The workings of SEO are, admittedly, a bit nebulous to non-experts. Hiring a company to manage your website can feel a bit like taking your car to the mechanic in that you must trust his or her expertise and hope for the best.

While our results and client satisfaction speak for themselves, Consultwebs would like to take you under the hood, as it were, and explain a little bit about how we perform technical (“on-site”) optimization.

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Website User Experience Matters Most

Law Firm Website User Experience DiscussionContent, links, mobile-friendliness, titles, pages speed, and the many other on-site SEO aspects that are quality-checked by Consultwebs for our clients share one central theme: the user.

You know them as clients and potential clients. They’re the people who visit your site in hopes of finding legal help for their situations. How well our marketing campaigns work for clients ultimately depends on the quality of the user experience. In short, users need to find helpful information, delivered to them in an easy fashion, and optimized for the devices that they are using.

Our team of consultants and content experts is dedicated to law firm marketing. We work exclusively with lawyers and law firms, giving us unique insights into what works — and just as importantly, what doesn’t work — in online law firm marketing. Our guiding principle is that technical SEO should never trump user experience. We believe that clients and prospects are the most important factor in any decision, and work to ensure they find our client’s websites, so that they can get the help that they need.

Tips For Evaluating A Legal Search Marketing Vendor

  1. Evaluate 10 of their current clients. Examine their search engine rankings and – if you can obtain access – their website analytics. If your potential SEO vendor does not list their current clients on their website, consider it to be a warning sign. It isn’t a bad practice to evaluate the vendor’s website as well. Does their webpage prominently appear on search engine results’ pages? If a vendor cannot achieve rankings for themselves, it is unlikely they will be able to achieve rankings for you. Contact their references. Ask if the vendor delivered on their promises, if the firm is obtaining the expected ROI and if they would choose the vendor if they were making the decision again.
  2. High, quality content is critical for your Web marketing campaign. Ask for content writing examples. Review their current clients’ website content. Ask your prospective legal marketing provider how many licensed attorney writers they have on staff. Licensed attorneys will provide relevant and substantive material for your law firm’s website that will appeal to readers and to the search engines. Again if this information is not readily provided, be warned.
  3. Ask the vendor you are considering how long they have provided internet marketing services. Longevity is valuable. Not only do search engine algorithms reward long-standing sites, clients benefit from the knowledge and results that many years’ experience in the field bring. Additionally, established legal specific vendors will have experience and networks that will benefit you. If the vendor promises top rankings within e.g., ninety days, run. It is impossible today to achieve top rankings for competitive phrases in a short period of time.
  4. Find out many staff members your potential vendor employs to run campaigns. Is there an entire team of lawyer seo marketing experts or is it a one-man show? The more employees that are dedicated to your legal marketing campaign’s success, the more professionally trained eyes are on your marketing campaign’s results.
  5. And don’t forget design! If your website ranks well but is not compelling, you will not obtain conversions. Not all designs are the same, and a vendor with experienced designers can create a site that works well for SEO as well as converting those visitors into leads.

What can law firms gain from successful SEO?

Consultwebs talking with clientsWhen properly managed, a law firm’s website and SEO campaign can be one of it’s largest sources of new leads and cases, and can bring an excellent ROI to the firm. An SEO campaign that isn’t properly managed can be a constant source of work, frustration and stress, not to mention the wasted expense. Firms that have successful SEO campaigns get:

  • More traffic and visibility
  • More leads & cases
  • More revenue
  • Less stress & frustration
  • Lower cost-per-case
  • Good return on their investment

Holistic SEO for Attorneys and the Consultwebs Advantage

Reviewing SEO Report with ClientOffering an exceptional user experience for a client’s web users, is crucial, but other aspects of our consulting work are also important. In addition to producing beautiful websites with great, engaging content, we also work on the more technical aspects of law firm website optimization, such as back link profiles, keywords, click-through-rate, and titles, tags, meta descriptions and “off-site” metrics.

Consultwebs employs a holistic approach to marketing that focuses on utilizing experts to build your law firm’s brand. Recognized brands are more trusted and therefore more likely to attract and retain clients. Using traditional public relations tactics as well as the latest digital marketing strategies, we translate the best of what your firm does offline, into the online marketplace.

Consultwebs adds value in ways that the competition doesn’t. One of the more notable ways we do this is through our Creative Team. Having a structured team of dedicated creatives allows Consultwebs to create and execute innovative content campaigns that establish authority and increase brand visibility for law firms. Strong ideas are the backbone of a successful marketing campaign.

Whether through practice area pages, blog posts, press releases, infographics, videos, Slideshares, email and social media campaigns, or specialty projects, our expert team will create top-notch content that drives actionable leads.

Satisfied Law Firm Web Marketing ClientWhen a law firm partners with Consultwebs, our experts handle all of the details that busy lawyers and legal professionals shouldn’t need to worry about.  When those items are taken care of, firms can allocate more time to other efforts, and projects that can bring them additional success. Imagine having less stress, more time, better results and more cases from the Web.

You can learn more about how Consultwebs is uniquely positioned to help your law practice succeed by contacting us for a Free Consultation.



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