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Do you want to learn Lawyer SEO and how to outsmart your firm’s competition in less than 3 hours? 

Then, this post is for you!  

If you are: 

Investing in digital assets

Planning to invest in digital assets 

You’re in the right place. We have released our Book, Law Firm SEO, A Handbook for Marketing-Savvy Attorneys. 

The truth is that you don’t want your Law Firm to be the best-kept secret, especially if you are investing in digital marketing. That is where one of the most powerful digital assets comes in, (SEO) search engine optimization services for law firms.

SEO will help your firm: 

  • Be found
  • Be chosen by potential clients

Most Law firms aren’t achieving this alone. 

Together with the top team of experts at Consultwebs, a digital marketing agency for law firms, the average law firm is decreasing its cost per lead while boosting its lead intake. 

Average ROI Results from Law Firm SEO With Consultwebs looks like the following: 

With consultwebs cost per case decreased by 56%, total number of cases increased by 266% 


Beneath the surface of SEO, there’s a complex world, but we believe the intricacies behind SEO shouldn’t scare you away. It should inspire and guide your firm through the digital labyrinth.

The following handbook compiles over 20+ years of legal digital marketing experience. 

With it, you will:

  • 📈Discover how to boost ROI from start to finish in less than 3 hours 
  • 🔓Access over 5+ studies and blueprints of law firms that are outsmarting the competition 
  • 🔥Uncover over 20+ additional resources designed to help your firm become the top-of-mind law firm and attract the most high-quality leads 


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