Pillar Page

Guide to creating a power page for law firm growth, featuring typing hands and a laptop.

How to Compile a “Pillar Page” to Grow Your Firm

A power page, better known as a pillar page, is more than a simple blog post. Your law firm should not be missing out on the opportunity to easily supercharge its SEO potential. According to Rocket Content, when implemented correctly, you can expect to:

  • Boost SEO rankings.
  • Increase your content marketing promotion.
  • Fill in informational gaps.
  • Keep clients on-site for longer periods of time.
  • Have scannable and searchable documents in one page.
  • Get more leads.

As you can see a power/pillar page really does do its name justice. So, what exactly is a pillar page? In short, it is a web page that is dedicated to extensively offering information on a given topic, and that links to pages that cover related topics on the same domain. And how does a pillar page apply to my law firm? It will serve both sides of the coin:

  1. Your clients will benefit from a pillar page when they’re looking for information and answers while reading through your law firm’s website.
  2. Search Engine algorithms use pillar pages to navigate and rank your site based on keywords and relevant information your law firm adds to this page.

If you want and need to retain more clients AND improve your ranking, then keep reading! We’ve taken a close look at how pillar pages function, and how they can serve your website to help you achieve the growth you want for your law firm.

A Foundation to Grow Your Firm

Business growth strategies

Think of your pillar page as the architecture structure that houses many scattered themes around a common theme.

Topic cluster seo diagram

This house made of “pillars” helps the bigger building: your firm. And how do all the pillars help the firm? By giving your firm’s inbound marketing an extra push. Inbound marketing is, in essence, the process you take in order to help prospects find your business. This means you’re not attracting just any ‘ole’ visitor to your firm’s website, you’re attracting the people who are most likely looking to convert to clients! (They are the people that want to be in your house.) How convenient, right?

Take Your Existing Content to The Next Level

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A pillar page is convenient when it’s built with efficiency in mind. To do so, you’ll first need to gather copious amounts of content. And as overwhelming as this may sound; worry not. Your firm has options.

Option 1 – Audit your content.

According to Fulcrum Forge, you can work with what you already have. There is no need to start a pillar page from scratch. You can put on your thinking cap and search for themes by:

  • Reviewing existing content and collecting possible themes.
  • Reviewing the previous campaigns.
  • Reviewing promotional content pieces.

Fulcrum Forge emphasizes that once you’ve looked into either, you can decide to find a core topic based on popular themes in:

  1. Topic titles.
  2. Keywords and hashtags.
  3. Social metrics (likes/shares).
  4. Conversion metrics.

If you need help measuring the best-performing content, Google Analytics and Hubspot can give you a quick overview on your firm’s track engagement.

Option 2 – Build around a common theme.

If your firm already has data in regards to popular keywords/hashtags etc. you can work around those. Brafton focuses on seven simple actions to follow if you do have a list of core topics:

  1. Focus on one primary keyword – pick a keyword that has a high search volume but isn’t too broad.
  2. Identify relevant subtopics within that core topics.
  3. Link your firm’s internal content and related external content.
  4. Create a table of contents.
  5. Write a pillar page within the table of contents.
  6. Look into additional designs to add to the pillar page.
  7. Add a CTA (Call-to-Action).

Brafton did their pillar page explanation in pillar page format. To take a look at what a pillar page can look like, check out the structure here.

Decide on Your Pillar Page’s Purpose

Modern desktop setup grayscale

Now, you already have an idea of how your firm can benefit from a pillar page and implement it. But, what exactly is the purpose for your firm’s pillar page meant to be? Semrush emphasizes three kinds of pillar pages:

  1. The “Guide” Pillar page
    • If your firm is looking to establish itself as an authority within a subject, then a guide pillar works best. It can help your clients gather information from an instructional approach. This builds on your firm’s expertise and trust.
  2. The “What Is” Pillar page
    • Covers a topic that is interesting, controversial or timely. If your firm wants to tap on the desire and curiosity of clients then this is it.
  3. The “How-to” Pillar page
    • Unlike the previous pillar pages, this one is primarily focused on the question of how something is done. The main purpose here is to help solve a problem.

Decorate Your Pillar Page

Digital workspace design setup

Let’s say your firm gathered all the relevant content and wrote it all in one document. Great! But there is one last crucial factor missing. Content like a pillar page without visuals can push your clients out of your site within seconds. Luckily, that is preventable with the help of visuals. Besides relevant content, clients want to scan/read content that is easy on their eyes. You can do this by assuring your pillar page covers the basics:

  • A designed structure that is easy to follow.
  • Additional visual images/videos/graphs/charts etc.
  • Easy navigation.
  • A clean table of content.

If you want to give your firm’s pillar page an extra push, Semrush notes that there are eight additional interactive content pieces your firm could add:

  1. Quizzes
  2. Calculator and tools
  3. Infographics
  4. Image sliders (before/after pictures)
  5. Interactive game
  6. Interactive map
  7. Webinars
  8. Film and video

Walk The Extra Mile

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With the help of a pillar page, you can assure your firm is able to provide an answer to all of your client’s questions. We know how ambitious this initiative can be, and have experts on call and ready to have a chat with you on how we can help you walk, or run, that extra mile to give your prospects the added value they deserve. Contact us to propel your firm ahead.