Tips for Improving Legal Marketing Content

tips for improving your legal marketing content

Does Your Content Build a Strong Case for Why Someone Should Hire You?

When you are preparing for a big case, you know how important it is to choose your words carefully. The same is true for your website content. After all, your website serves as one of your strongest arguments for why a person should hire you over the competition.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you craft more persuasive content, connect with potential clients, and win their business.

Lay Out the Evidence

For marketing copy to be effective, it’s not enough to sprinkle in a few adjectives. Just saying you are “experienced” and expecting a potential client to pick you is like handing the insurance company a dollar amount and expecting them to pay it, no questions asked.

Your marketing claims should be backed by solid evidence that will persuade a reader to take action. In marketing terms, we call this evidence “proof elements.” These elements can be incorporated throughout your site, but they are particularly important on your high-traffic pages such as the homepage and “about us” section.

Some of the proof elements we suggest using to make your content more impactful include:

  • Testimonials. General good reviews will work, but it’s particularly persuasive when you can use reviews to back up a specific selling point. For example, if your compassionate approach to cases is what makes you stand out, showcase reviews from clients who clearly state their appreciation for that element of your service.
  • Awards and certifications. Prove how highly qualified you are by highlighting board certifications and recognition from trusted legal organizations such as Avvo, Martindale Hubbell, Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers, Million Dollar Advocates Forum, etc. Be sure to impress upon readers how elite certain qualifications are, such as in cases where only a small percentage of attorneys are selected.
  • Results. Of course, not every client is going to have a high-dollar case, and most of them understand that. However, it inspires confidence to show that you have a track record of taking on serious cases and delivering substantial results for clients.
  • Personalization. If there are certain types of cases that hit home for you, don’t be afraid to explain why. Particularly in your individual practice area content, highlight any personal motivations that may help a potential client connect with you. For example, if you are an avid cyclist, share this on your bicycle accident page and explain how it affects your perspective on these types of cases.
  • Details. It’s common to make big blanket statements like: “We take the burden off you.” But what does that mean to a client? What do you do to take the burden off them? Give details to support those types of claims. For example, in a car accident case, you may want to explain that you can assist a client in dealing with debt collectors, arranging for a rental car, finding medical specialists, etc. It can help to think about the top concerns clients have when they first call you, and address them directly in your content.

Sharpen Your Argument

Once you’ve written a piece of marketing content, go back through and look for opportunities to strengthen it. Here are three simple editing tips for making your copy more powerful:

  • Identify weak verb choices and beef them up.
  • Break up long, compound, or run-on sentences.
  • Limit unnecessary legalese, and explain necessary terms.

Most importantly, remember that every writer needs an editor. Ask a non-attorney friend or relative to read over your marketing copy to identify any potentially confusing content and make suggestions from a potential client’s perspective.

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