Refreshing the Numbers: Growth of Mobile Usage Infographic

mobile usage

It’s official.

As predicted, mobile use has officially well-surpassed desktop use. (comSCORE)

In 2012, we reported that there were about 321.7 million wireless connection subscriptions. By the end of 2014, that number had risen to 368.60 in the US. (Source)

A noteworthy rising trend has been the use of mobile apps, which account for 52% of the time spent on digital media. (TechCrunch)

As one of our bloggers recently shared, mobile-friendliness is a crucial element for law firms advertising online. Speaking of mobile advertising, US advertisers increased ad spend for tablets and smartphones by about $8.04 billion. (emarketer)

Several years ago, we created an infographic to give a report on the status of mobile data in the US. Today, those stats have changed at a rapid pace worth noting.

What Now?

What should your law firm do in light of this information? Here are a few ways your firm can grow along with the mobile marketing trends:

  • Design your site to be mobile-friendly. This point is mandatory for firms wanting to remain relevant online in the coming years.
  • Invest in app development. Think of a problem your clients have that you can solve through developing a mobile application. The more creative the better!
  • Act on analytics. Spend (or invest!) in the resources to thoroughly track your firm’s mobile analytics. Once you’ve analyzed the data, make informed decisions about the future of your firm’s mobile marketing. Do most mobile users log on at night? Target mobile ads around that time. Do most of your site visits overall come from mobile? Try sending SMS messages as part of your marketing. Use the information that analytics provides.
  • Keep innovating. In today’s mobile world, if you’re not innovating you’re dying. Complacency has no place in successful law firms. Have given a thought to your mobile strategy in the last three months? If not, you may already be behind. With the phenomenal growth of mobile, it’s impossible to waste time keeping pace!